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Turetsky talked about the heroism of parents

The National Artist of Russia Michael Turetsky  talked about how his parents fought in the Great Patriotic War. The singer explained why it is so important for the Victory Day.

For the founder of the “Turetsky Choir” Michael Turetsky  Great Patriotic War – is not just a historical event. Parents actor went through the war, so the Day of Victory for his family has always been a special holiday.

“I will never forget his father’s stories about how he spent 900 days in the trenches, and took part in the heroic breakout of the siege of Leningrad! My mother was a nurse military hospital . By the way, then she miraculously managed to survive – her family buried the Nazis alive! Fortunately, shortly before the Pope as if sensing the danger, took her with him to Moscow. My parents were incredible people. I have always admired and will admire them. After all, despite all the experiences in the war, they were madly in love with life. They lived together for 66 years! And their energy and activity could only envy” – shared Turetsky.

Photo: Press office of the Choir of the Turkish

According to him, even surpassing the threshold of ninety, his father came to the concerts “Turetsky Choir” in St. Petersburg, and even up to the stage to read poems about the war. “The hall is in these moments crying! It was unique in its power people”, – said the singer.

The actor said he did not get tired amazed hardening parents received during the war, and the desire to win. In honor of the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War Turetsky  prepared a special project “Victory Songs”, which put special meaning and promise . “It’s history and philosophy of music through the prism of Victory”, – he explained.

Concerts will be held May 9 at the Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow and 11 May at the Palace Square in St. Petersburg. They will take part in the group “Turetsky Choir” and “SOPRANO Turetsky”. “With thousands of people we sing sincere and beloved by several generations of songs about life, war, peace, heroism and, of course, love. There are in the program and a special composition for me – song “Tenderness” (“empty without you land”) – I will devote her parents”, – he promised the singer.

Photo: Press office of the Choir of the Turkish

Source: DNI.RU