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Turetsky Choir with a new program in St. Petersburg!

March 6 at 20:00 at the Ice Palace “Turetsky Choir” present a new program, “I Live for her …”

The beginning of spring – a time of change and awakening, and of course, love. Especially for March 8 “Turetsky Choir” prepared a new, catchy program “Live for it ….” 10 unique votes, 10 views on love, 10 unforgettable stories about her.

“I live for her …” – a music impregnated with admiration for the beautiful half of humanity. The concert program will open encyclopedia feelings of men, in the pages that are stored warmest and most heartfelt stories about women. Unexpected arrangements, charisma and originality soloists transform each room into a real program “mini-musical” and a concert – in the uncommon on its energy show.

“The most important thing in the life of any normal man – a woman. You can not deceive ourselves and make sure that the main thing – work, money, career, ambition … But the man is focused on the fact that there was someone to devote his life. Work, creativity, thought, philosophy, every day and hour of their everyday life. To have someone to give it all. Love – it’s all great incentive, it directs the person forward in serious life conquests “- Mikhail Turetsky.