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“Turetsky Choir” will perform in Sevastopol on the day of the National Flag of Russia

August 22 marks the Day of the National Flag of Russia. It is set by Presidential Decree № 1714 of 20 August 1994 “On the Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation.” Residents of Sevastopol for the first time it will mark this year.

The city government and the Department of Culture of Moscow organized a charity concert of the art group “Turetsky Choir”. Sevastopol and visitors can see the performance of the choir at the Nakhimov Square on August 22 at 22:00.

“Turetsky Choir” – vocal ensemble, which presents a unique men’s voices in the range of four and a half octaves. The choir’s repertoire is very diverse – from the masterpieces of classical and sacred music to contemporary hits in the original treatment.

The concert will be held in the framework of the partnership between Moscow and Sevastopol.