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“Turetsky Choir” sang about love, not only for the woman

“Turetsky Choir” in St. Petersburg presented its new program “Men look at love.” Before the concert, People’s Artist of Russia Mikhail Turetsky told reporters than art group will delight audiences. And one of the team of soloists Alex Alexandrov intrigued all phrase that the group sings about the male perspective on love, not only for women.

Its chic voices and mad energy “Turetsky Choir” again stunned Petersburg. On the eve of the art group presented in St. Petersburg new program “Men look at love.” “When we lined up this program, we are faced with the fact that love is different. Ie male perspective on love – it’s not just look at the love of a woman, it may be the love of something beautiful,” – said a soloist art group Alex Alexandrov.


“There is a love of country, love of God and love of the world around them,” – he adds Mikhail Turetsky, founder and director of the choir.


Two compartments with intermission passed unnoticed. Interactivity show – that’s what everyone said would be in the program. Soloists charged spectators, fans applauded in response. Suddenly choir leader Mikhail Borisovich invites a hundred people on stage. Army of St. Petersburg two rooms dancing to the song chorus. Inexpressible feeling. And, incidentally, Concert Hall “October” from the scene seems incredibly huge. Immediately start thinking about how a singer or a singer can work on such a large audience at concerts. Keep the attention of the great hall certainly difficult.


When one of the soloists of the group went to Oleg Blyahorchuk hall, the audience turned their heads. Singer brought to the stage a beautiful girl in a red dress. “Turetsky Choir” dedicated to her a well-known song. It turned out that was the lucky one winner. Fought for the privilege in advance dozens of girls.


Besides classical music sounded Soviet songs. “Lenin was so young,” – would pick up the hall. “Hope, my compass earth” – sang ladies. Opera artists took the soul. Song “Money, money, money” (“money, money, money” – contributions) forced to beat and kicking beats.


The secret to the success of the group – anyone can ask this question. Of course, the main property of the artists. 10 men, they say, for every taste. A native of Southern Urals Eugene Kulmis received this evening, it seems most bouquets. His deep bass chorus calling card. Mikhail Kuznetsov for 21 years in the team. He changed the whole concert stage images easily into any role. His high-pitched voice struck audience. Please could even seem like female vocals. “This man,” – laughing, told viewers Michael Troubetzkoy.
On the one hand, the soloists are so different. On the other – clearly we can say that it is a single entity. This family podverzhdaetsya team members. Polyphony these people fascinating, penetrates into the depths of the soul.


And of course, special attention deserves well-chosen repertoire in its diversity and musical experiments. “For example, we have taken and joined the great Giuseppe Verdi music piece” Requiem “, Catholic worship, music and rock band” Rammstein. “We made such social play that take care of life,” – says Mikhail Troubetzkoy. Maestro became a director of the new show. The idea was to uncover feelings encyclopedia men through the masterpieces of world music. It says here, as in other cases, silent, – organizers say.


The premiere took place in Moscow program. “Turetsky Choir” gathered 19,000 fans of his work. Think ahead in this program a long way. Curtain.

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