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Turetsky Choir played an empty room

Can somehow relate to the April Fool’s jokes. But there is hardly a man who at least once in my life played. And, as they say, “with a special grace.” Such as the founder and producer of the art group “Turetsky Choir” and “SOPRANO Turetsky” Mikhail Turetsky.

About how it played on April 1 a few years ago, it is unlikely to soon forget. Here is what about April fools pranks “Big Moscow” maestro:

– It was in 2013. Just on April 1 in Saratov was scheduled concert as part of the tour. Before him, we have already passed 5-6 cities. And then technical director said that during our concert moved an hour earlier because of the lack of electricity at the site for some there receivable local DC. Like, force majeure and should have time to hold a concert to a full “electrical disconnection”. Honestly, I even thought there was no match with all the afternoon of laughter (smiles).

At that moment I was worried about only one thing: do they know about the people who bought tickets. The technical team is confident – of course, all informed, everything will be fine!

Then the fun … Before the concert, a minute, easy jitters before a meeting with the audience favorite. Playing the first song, our output. As planned by the director in this room we had to go out to the audience through the stage smoke, appearing in the dark. Therefore, the first room really was not visible. But by the end of the song rays of light began to break, and I noticed that in the room only a few people! The first reaction – shock! The second – how this could happen and what to do now? These thoughts flashed through my mind in a matter of seconds. Then looked at soloists and realized that they continue to sing, as if nothing had happened. Then I thought, here they are, a true artist! What hardening, endurance and respect for the audience. While in the shower, of course, the incredible happened. After all, for the artist to see the empty rooms – not terribly come up with!

Suddenly, from behind the scenes there was applause and laughter: “Turetsky Choir, from April 1! And his audience wait an hour later, the tickets already purchased!”. So ruthlessly over us as our team joked. We then he is remembered for a long time! (laughs). But an hour later we had a full house. The audience had no idea how we were waiting for them!