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«Turetsky Choir» perform «Victory Songs»

Known team for the 70th anniversary of the Victory has prepared a special project «Songs of Victory».

Festive concert «Turetsky Choir» on May 9 from 20:00 to 22:00 on Poklonnaya Hill. Team will perform sincere and loved by several generations of songs about life, war, world, feat and, of course, love.

The scale and interactivity of this event will allow the public feel the ideas of love for the motherland, unity and mutual respect.

«Victory in the Great Patriotic War – is a special day for all of us! This is a celebration of freedom, courage, pride in the great feat of the Soviet people. This event is a very important place in my life. After all, both the father and mother went through the Great Patriotic War: Dad – participant of the heroic break the blockade of Leningrad (900 days spent in the trenches!), And my mother – a nurse military gospitalya.Poetomu implementation of special cultural event in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory – my bounden duty . In the project “Victory Songs” we put special meaning, energy and promise. This history and philosophy of Victory through the prism of music. This program includes special direction and video sequences and varied repertoire will give the opportunity to experience all facets of the war years: from the song “Black Crow” (aggression Wehrmacht) to “Buhenvaldsky alarm” (call for the preservation of peace), »- said the People’s Artist of Russia, founder and director of the art group Mikhail Turetsky.

The same concert will be held May 11 in St. Petersburg’s Palace Square.

Source: Greater Moscow