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“Turetsky Choir” in Ugra has become a “Choir of the Khanty-Mansiysk”

In Khanty-Mansiysk gave a concert “Turetsky Choir”. Perhaps the most memorable for the audience will be a time when artists were invited everyone to go on stage. Than not fail to take advantage of their fans. So, Chorus Turkish performed on a par with “choir” of Khanty-Mansiysk one of the musical hits.

After a three-hour stage performance KTC “Ugra-Classic”, the head of the choir gave an exclusive interview to the Turkish newspaper “News of Ugra”. According to the maestro, in the “Male view of love”, which is famous choir performed before the audience of Khanty-Mansiysk, they tried to show the faces of the male character.

– Khanty-Mansiysk impressed me clean, tidy and cozy town – shared in conversation choirmaster Michael Turkish, gave yesterday with his amazing concert choir “Male view of love.”

– Love – is not only a union between a man and a woman – says Mikhail Turkish. – In addition to these relations have the concept of “love of country”, “love for his native land,” “love of life”, “love for their actions.” In this program, we wanted to show all the facets of the male character. Our group – the singing men, who through music, through emotions, through art, through the world’s best music, convey all that a man can feel. Of course, it is impossible for one concert to reflect the world of men. The next day we can give another speech, and it absolutely will not happen again to the previous program, and the day after tomorrow – do not repeat. Our repertoire includes a lot of music.

During a speech choir sang “The Star Called Sun”, which, for that matter, and other numbers, have stimulated a flurry of audience applause.

– Song of Viktor Tsoi we sang two years – says Michael. – According to the mood of the public felt that it should fulfill. While my colleagues are a little angry that I did not warn them, but that’s okay. I like to work off the cuff. And they know about it, do not relax, always keep yourself in shape.

Ten men from the scene gave the audience a huge amount of energy. They performed compositions of world classics to rock hits, chanson and Soviet songs. Every song performed Chorus Turkish instantly picks up on the ground, and raced down the amphitheater to the balcony. The audience stood and applauded, and sang along with the soul artists.

– Many years ago, we set a goal to eliminate from our group project competition, jealousy and hatred, – said Mikhail Turetsky. – For example, if one person in football scored a goal, and the rest do not envy him, and even happy, because he brought the team success. Here we have the same story: everyone contributes to the common cause. Of course, we had a lot of examples where people went in solo sailing, it seemed to them that they alone achieved more. Many have returned because we were able to understand what kind of engagement collects our team and what we advocate in the best halls of the world, including sites in London, New York, Sydney, Yokagame.

At the end, Michael, on behalf of the Turkish team thanked for the hospitality of the Khanty-Mansiysk.

– Thank you for the warmth of your city, hospitality and love that we felt from the first second. We really liked the KTC “Ugra-Classic”. Not every city has one million this room, believe me! Thank you for what the city looks clean, tidy and cozy!