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Turetsky Choir in Tambov arranged for fans of disco

Turetsky Choir pitched for disco fans on stage. In Tambov Drama Theater, the band performed a concert program “Male view of love.” Popular hits, Solo Singing and times of greatest hits romantic socialism caused a storm of applause in the hall.



Mikhail Turetsky invited everyone to get up on stage and dance with the band members. Many have responded. On the dance floor came people of different ages, including winner of the title “Miss Tambov region 2013” model Veronica Emelyanov. Could not resist and joined the fun and chief editor of the news agency “Online Tambov.ru” Svetlana Solovyov. Remove dancing on camera volunteered tenor Oleg Blyahorchuk.


Next in Instagram appeared with self Mikhail Turetsky, Eugene Kulmis, Cape Constantine and general photo of participants spontaneous party.


Surprise was the lavish attention to “the stars” from the long-standing admirer, from the hands of which each of the singers choir received flowers and a gift. Pensioner Hope Kolokolnikova told IA “Online Tambov.ru” she 63 years old, she was working as an engineer, and oversees the work of the group since 1992. Then in Moscow gave her first concert ticket Turetsky Choir. Since then she has visited more than a hundred concerts a favorite team in different cities. Hope Kolokolnikova sons live in the United States and have a “sponsor” support her hobbies. Gifts for men singing – a personal initiative devoted fan.


More than any other Hope Kolokol’nikova allocates Boris Goryachev, but not at the expense of others, but because of the passion for the baritone timbre shades. Hope Kolokolnikova noticed that in the classical repertoire is becoming smaller with time coloring concert numbers change and sometimes it lacks the soloists, who once left the group. So fondly remembers pensioner, for example, Arthur Keisha.
Among the audience at the concert were Turetsky Choir dignitaries: Governor Oleg Betin, Vice Governor Sergei Chebotarev, Head of Sport Mikhail Belousov.