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“Turetsky Choir” has captivated audiences Bulgarian

The Russian group “Turetsky Choir” his concert in Sofia NDK called a true sensation, BGNES reported.
For the first time, “Turetsky Choir”, consisting of 10 fabulous musicians, presented the Bulgarian audience his unique show. Interest in the show was so great that the organizers had put on sale standing room. It has long hall of the National Palace of Culture (NPC) was not so full and literally went to pieces.

The concert was opened song «Wonderful life», sung by musicians greeted the audience in the Bulgarian language “Good Evening Sofia”.

One of the magics “Turetsky Choir” is a concert that constantly moves students from one style to another, at one point in a slow and gentle Russian rock song suddenly interrupted, and then again returned to the Russian wave. Char gives them fulfillment and dance skills of the choir. The audience witnessed Sirtaki dance, after which the singer called wanting to join them with the words “We believe that Sofia is ready to dance with us”, and the audience just waiting for this. By tradition, the end of the concert the musicians invite audiences to stsenu.Ne exception and the Sophia concert when 60-70 enthusiasts rushed to the scene, overtaking each other. In the end, the audience pushed from the scene of the musicians. Followed by performance of the song «Lady in red», after which the band said “Sofia we love you”.