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“Turetsky Choir” gave a concert at the top of the 100-meter towers consent in Ingushetia

June 29 in the central square of Magas hosted a concert of art group “Turetsky Choir”.

According to the press service of the head of Ingushetia, the performance of the famous band in the Ingush capital – one of the stages of a charity tour “You, the Caucasus!” Regional SKFO made ​​possible through the support of prominent Ingush patron Alikhan Harsiev.

Concert “Turetsky Choir” began at the highest viewing platform of the city – the 100-meter Tower consent.

“Famous artists, dressed in burqas and hats, performed in the original language Ingush several lyrical melodies inspire the crowd of spectators,” – told in press service.

Next choir continued with a concert on stage. It was also attended by a rising star Ingush Ragda Hanieva and famous artists of the country.

During the hour and a half performance artists sang 17 of their best tracks. In the repertoire of classic masterpieces were presented several centuries (in modern processing and original form), sacred music, romantic ballads, hits the Soviet and foreign music, rock, jazz and contemporary pop hits music.

After the concert, the head of the republic Yunus-Bek Yevkurov took renowned art group in his office, where he thanked them for coming to Ingushetia and announced his decision for his merits in the field of musical art and high performance skills to assign members of the creative team – art group “Turetsky Choir “- the honorary title” Honored Artist of the Republic of Ingushetia. “State and public recognition awarded nine soloists choir: Alexei Alexandrov, Paul Berdnikov, Oleg Blyahorchuk Boris Goryachev, Igor Zverev, Konstantin Kabanov, Eugene Kulmis, Mikhail Kuznetsov, Evgeny Tulinov.

Accepting the award, soloists choir stressed that these are proud of high ranks, always happy to come into the country, rejoicing as she transformed.

“From this height we have not yet performed songs for us site was unusual, but the emotions have been worth it. Your consent Tower symbolic as well as the Eiffel Tower in Paris – unique national idea embodied in the majestic creation,” – said the artistic director of Art Mikhail Turetsky group.