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“Turetsky Choir” descended into the subway because of traffic jams in Moscow

Artists were trying not to be late for the shooting “NEgoluboy ogonek”.

Because of traffic congestion artists “Turetsky Choir” traveled to the shooting “NEgoluboy ogonek” in the capital’s subway. Michael Turetsky even boasted an unusual trip in his microblog:

“Today was late with the” Chorus “to the event” Crocus “, and on the roads just the most severe traffic jams – rode the subway. I was pleasantly surprised! Firstly, we are very quick and easy access – even out of the subway did not have – directly through the “Myakinino” in Crocus and hit. Secondly, some nostalgia slipped: Station “Belarus” – there have passed all my childhood, “Krasnopresnenskaya” – student years …


Noticed that the subway ride very kind and friendly people. So many smiles I have not seen – right on the escalator we began to swing. And how many beautiful girls! From the windows of the car is much more difficult to see such beauty. In general, I realized that the metro – it’s a great thing. From this trip I got enormous pleasure and even ventured into another experiment – at the station “Prospekt Mira” went up the escalator foot. Distance decent – the last time I ascended 30 years ago! And by the way, has successfully passed – without shortness of breath. ”