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“Turetsky Choir”: “Belarus choir gave the best voices!”

Popular collective “Turetsky Choir” has long won the love of Belarusian viewers. And this feeling is mutual. Each concert in Belarus talented artists under the direction of People’s Artist of Belarus Mikhail Turkish remember with great warmth. For example, Michael himself Turkish born near Minsk, from the village Pukhovichi, where the family moved to Moscow. Blyahorchuk soloist Oleg was born in Minsk.




A tenor Konstantin Cape considers our country “culprit” that he now performs as part of the world famous band “Turetsky Choir”.

“We can say that his lucky ticket in” Turetsky Choir “I pulled the final train station” Moscow Vitebsk. “In 2007, as part of the musical” MAMMA MIA! “I went to the famous International Arts Festival” Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk “where we had to perform a few songs. at the train station in Vitebsk I went to buy a bottle of water – the day was very hot! standing idle small queue, I heard someone very surprised and happy voice shouting my name … turned to me with open arms the meeting was then already a soloist “Choir of the Turkish” Alex Alexandrov, with which we are familiar with since the days of childhood learning in the Choir school. Sveshnikov. I was extremely happy this meeting, because we have not seen for many years! it turned out that Alex with “Turkish Villa” also came to “Slavic Bazaar.” We talked, exchanged phone numbers and went about their business, but after some time Alex called me with an offer to work in “Glee Turkish” I as you know, took. That’s brought me to a “chorus of the Turkish” picturesque Belarusian land! ”

Stories about Gomel luggage Honored Artist of Russia, tenor-altino Mikhail Kuznetsov was not, however, he remembers every performance in this amazing European-friendly city.


“For me, concerts in Belarus will always be the brightest. One of my first major appearances associated with the Belarusian land. This, like the first kiss, will never be forgotten! Such sensitive people, stunning, full commitment! Since then many years have passed, but each perceive speech in Belarus particularly cherished. remember all of our shows! remember the warm welcome, beautiful girls and women. Their you very much. This is your greatest wealth – the people. and that should be cherished! ”

Maestro himself, People’s Artist Mikhail Turetsky repeatedly stressed that “Belarus gave him his best sons.”