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The Turetsky Choir sang with residents of Vyborg

In Vyborg unusual concert took place. The famous the Turetsky Choir made large format . The artists were not limited to the usual performance, they offered the townspeople sing with them. It turned Polyphony karaoke.

This year, the Turetsky Choir – 25. And for a quarter-century works is simple, but the proprietary formula.

Mikhail Turetsky, Turetsky Choir director: “The main thing that people were singing. When they sing together, they feel happy, confident in the future. They feel that they live in a great country feel that love their city, feeling that they have everything in life is good. When a person sings – he’s a good man. ”

Another principle: less words, more songs. Especially when there is a good reason.

Umbrellas were growing on Red Square of Vyborg, like mushrooms. Even heavy rain did not chilled festive fervor citizens. And still I want to sing: I snow that I heat, torrential rain that I … Vyborg – is the third Russian city, which hosted a unique musical event of the Turetsky Chorus. Simply put – a popular karaoke. Repertoire such that the lyrics are familiar to everyone. But if someone has rusty, the screen prompts.

Alexander Drozdenko, Acting Governor of the Leningrad region: “This choir, which has always sings live concerts, live voice that is very rare today. And most importantly, he sings very emotional songs and patriotic songs, and songs that are close to all. ”

But perhaps the best compliment – it is a joint performance. Live actors contact with the audience – this is interactive music. Tellingly, the preparation for such a performance does not take too much time. Apparently, the main thing – is to catch the mood of the public.

Chanson, pop music, rock, folk – is the choice of a street. The four musicians, 10 professional singers and thousands of fans of karaoke. Is not that the key to success. Behind have Izhevsk and Krasnoyarsk. The next step – Ekaterinburg. The Turetsky Choir will sing along with Rostov and Samara. As shown, the popular karaoke collects a record audience.

Mikhail Turetsky, Turetsky Choir director: “170 thousand people! Were on Poklonnaya Hill on May 9 two hours singing with us the best songs of victory. The format we like, this is our piece, so to speak … we feel it, live sound is guaranteed. At any time we can stop the song and say, now you sing. ”