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The Turetsky Choir sang along with the 170,000th chorus Poklonnaya Hill

May 9 in Moscow held a special project of the Turetsky Choir – “Victory Songs”.

Together with a team of sincere and beloved by several generations of songs about war, peace and love sung 170,000th audience came to the Poklonnaya Hill.

Varied repertoire of artists gave the opportunity to experience all facets of the war years: There were a variety of songs: catchy song “Odessa Teddy Bear” nostalgic “Moments” from the known to the / f “17 Moments of Spring,” a high-pitched “Buchenwald alarm bell” with an appeal to preserve peace, etc. .

Also, special projects participated 9-year-old Emmanuel Turetsky. The young artist sang “Katyusha”, tearing at the end of his speech, to loud applause.

May 11 is the same concert with the participation of Turetsky women’s team of Mikhail SOPRANO held in St. Petersburg’s Palace Square. The artists managed to create a festive mood and intimate atmosphere in the heart of the cultural capital.