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The top of the 100-meter tower has become a generic platform for the Turetsky Choir performances in Ingushetia

In the central square of Magas today with great success concert of the legendary art group “Turetsky Choir”. Unique constellation of male voices within ninety minute speech gave residents of the republic 17 of their best songs. In the repertoire of classic masterpieces were presented several centuries (in modern processing and original form), sacred music, romantic ballads, hits the Soviet and foreign music, rock, jazz and contemporary pop hits music. Outstanding ensemble performance began at the highest observation deck 100 meters Concorde Tower – famous actors, dressed in cloaks and hats, performed in the original language Ingush several lyrical melodies inspire the crowd of spectators. Next Turetsky Choir delight continued his spectacular singing on stage. The concert was also attended by a rising star Ingush Ragda Hanieva and famous artists of the country. Performance of the famous team in the capital of Ingushetia has become one of the stages of a charity tour, “You, the Caucasus!” SKFO by region, which was made possible thanks to the support of famous Ingush patron Alikhan Harsieva.

After the concert, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov took famed art – group “Turetsky Choir” in his office. During a chat with the artists creative team for the right to occupy a special place at the top of the Russian musical Olympus, head of the region said that they gave the residents of Ingushetia real holiday.

“Today we had the opportunity to enjoy high art celebrated team. For all residents was an unforgettable cultural experience, your previous performance in Ingushetia. The audience appreciated your creativity. We have seen, then, that “Turetsky Choir” – a real theater with the original direction. You is subject not only vocal, but also acting, dance skills, “- said Yunus-Bek Yevkurov.

Chapter subject touched on the upcoming 25th anniversary of the art group. “To this date, you came at the peak of a creative way, you have come to the glory and international fame. This was made possible thanks to the talent of conductor, maestro Michael Turkish soloists and performance skills. All together they managed to create a unique format of the show, making it a recognizable brand, “- said the head of the republic.

Regional manager said that in Ingushetia love and appreciate art. Creative collectives of the republic contribute greatly to the preservation and revitalization of indigenous culture of the people, its rich and interesting traditions, especially the vocal art and dance, which had absorbed the greatness of the Caucasus Mountains, speed and sparkling mountain streams, the beauty of the soul of the highlanders.

Poetry of our national dance is full of feelings, fiery rhythm of the soul, haunting movements. So close to us and understand your creativity, which not only brings joy to people, but also serves the mutual enrichment of cultures of the peoples of Great Russia.

Head of the Republic expressed his gratitude for coming artists in Ingushetia and memorable concert. “I especially want to thank the team leader Mikhail Turetsky. Without him, without his energy and talent of all this would not be. Sincerely wish you much happiness, health and huge success, “- he said.

During the meeting, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov announced his decision for his merits in the field of musical art and high performance skills to assign members of the creative team – art group “Turetsky Choir” honorary title “Honored Artist of the Republic of Ingushetia.” State and public recognition awarded nine soloists choir – Alexei Alexandrov, Paul Berdnikov, Oleg Blyahorchuk Boris Goryachev, Igor Zverev, Konstantin Kabanov, Eugene Kulmis, Mikhail Kuznetsov, Evgeny Tulinov.

Taking the award from the head region, legendary performers stressed that these are proud of high ranks, always happy to come into the country, rejoice, as the eyes transformed Ingushetia, where a piece of each of them will carry in my heart. “From this height we have not yet performed songs for us site was unusual, but the emotions have been worth it. Your Concorde Tower also symbolic as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, unique national idea embodied in the majestic creation, “- said the artistic director of the art group Mikhail Turetsky.

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