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Sevastopol celebrated its first National Flag Day Russia

August 22 Sevastopol first time in its recent history officially celebrated the Day of State Flag of Russia. As part of the celebration throughout the city have been lectures, competitions, and a variety of events: “Draw the flag with his own hands”, “Russia is majestic symbolism of this”, “Let there always waving our flag unfading”, “a proud symbol of our country”, “Three color native country “and other themed events.

During the day, in all branches of CLS city children and adults were able to listen to the lectures are devoted to the main character of the Russian Federation.

Also as part of the festival held a photo contest “Russia Flag” contests themed children’s drawings and, of course, summer concerts on the stage and in the homes of the city’s culture and its suburbs. In cinema pavilion National Museum of the heroic defense of Sevastopol took place film screening of the documentary film “Fit to be worshiped.”

On the same day in the House of Government of Sevastopol in the All-Russian action “We – the citizens of Russia!” Ceremony was held Russian passports youngest of Sevastopol.

But the main event, which brought together thousands of citizens and visitors alike, the evening unfolded on Nakhimov Square, where a full house held a gala concert with the participation of the art group “Turetsky Choir”. The main square was full of people to the eyeballs. People came to listen to a professional team and join the celebration of their homeland.

And even as the Government always uncontrolled city traffic jams at bus stops and on the quay katernom Count’s Quay after the concert could not dampen the celebration of Sevastopol.

Recall that the Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation established in 1994 by the decree of President of the Russian Federation and is one of the public holidays in Russia. Day of celebration falls on August 22 and not a day off. Holiday dedicated to the revived Russian flag – Russia – “the state three color.”