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Russia 1 Tatarstan: “Turetsky Choir congratulated Tatarstan with Republic Day”

Tatarstan Republic Day, congratulated the Turetsky Choir. Special Prezent was the song in the national language.
The chorus, where each soloist with a unique and powerful timbre. And every kompozitsiya- hit. Even hits of other artists they are able to apply as it is subject only to “Turetsky Choir”. Be it foreign or classical songs Talkova and Viktor Tsoi.
This year the “Turetsky Choir” – 25 years stsene.Vperedi- big tour, which includes and Kazan.
The capital of Tatarstan art group devoted several songs. For the first time performing the song and in the Tatar language.
Now, in memory of the opening in the Tatar head group- will keep this national robe and skullcap.