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On International Children’s Day!

June 1 – Children’s Day. “MK” has asked famous people, from which they protected or do not have saved a child and what they want to save their own children.

Michael Turetsky (National Artist of Russia, the founder and producer of the art group «Turetsky Choir» and «SOPRANO Turetsky»):

– Who are the realities of our time, which is necessary to protect children not only from the unfavorable environment, some external threat, but also by the parents themselves. Joke! (Laughs) But seriously, I am a supporter to protect the younger generation from the “side effects” of gadgets. It’s such a fine line: the virtual world can absorb, to deprive the ability to conduct live chat. In the case of children’s ability to build a dialogue with the real world around them, to feel part of the whole society in the framework is particularly important. I believe that it is necessary to vaccinate the child youth interest in a particular activity. But certainly the mutual desire – no violence and forced! Here I said to her: “Choose a sphere close and occupy, take lessons, to develop! “- And added:” I do not believe if you do not choose. It does not happen! “By the instruction of a father listened. (Laughs) The youngest, 5-year-old Beata, with great pleasure that goes to the ballet, 9-year-old Emmanuel seriously engaged in music and has repeatedly performed at larger venues with the “Turetsky Choir”, 18-year-old Sarina actively involved in sports and dancing, and 31-year-old Natalia works in a team of Chora. All in business, and most importantly protected parental love and adoration. (Smiles)

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