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New record: Happy Birthday Ekaterinburg congratulated 600 thousand people

Also in unison and sang, staging popular karaoke – in the famous chorus of the Mikhail Turetsky joined all those who came to Saturday Plotinka

The point – a pipe on a holiday from the early morning. Rhythm City Day set brass bands from all over the world. They run everything – the musicians, and Yekaterinburg. How else to catch everywhere? Concerts, exhibitions and festivals for every taste. At this celebration of life, indeed, it was where carousing. It seems that the weather has helped Ekaterinburg put another record: on his 292nd birthday Day walked 600 thousand people! More it was, except on the last anniversary. The heart of the festival, according to tradition, was the main stage at Plotinka – here congratulated the young. The celebration in the square: the wedding at the Day of the town decided to celebrate 21 pairs. Anton’s family got the key to the brand new odnushki. With the last rays of sun holiday only make louder. On October Square in the evening were the well-known musical groups. And in the Historical park in the symphony of the day joined the voices of the Mikhail Turetsky city. That’s a gift! In the Ural capital Mikhail Turetsky brought just two of its choir – male and female. Musicians built bridges – and with tens of thousands of citizens were singing karaoke. The loudest sounded “Katyusha”, “Ural RYABINUSHKA” and “Zvezda po imeni Solnce”. Bright spot of the day the city became a colorful fireworks – in the form of three de. Pyrotechnics worked just 3 points. The backdrop to the two and a half thousands of volleys began rejoicing citizens and classical music. Today, the holiday was gone. All night service improvement induced in the city clean. On the big Saturday had attract mates – manually cleaned debris 7 hundred people. And began to disassemble the main stage – at the same time thus further bridge. By the way, it is possible that its citizens will see.