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Mikhail Turetsky revealed all the secrets of her wardrobe magazine “Telenedelya”

Michael Turetsky: “I have a tradition brought home a suitcase of new things – as much of the old must give”

Head of “Turetsky Choir” surrounded by women at home and at work: his wife, his daughter, fans, as well as the most beautiful music project of Michael – women’s team «SOPRANO Turetsky”. Yes, the maestro would have to look good!
– What clothes can seriously change the person that I first realized in 29 years. It was in New York. In a good store, I bought myself an elegant suit, put on his house and looked in the mirror, and my parents looked at me. My mother turned to his father and said, “Well, how have these ugly parents had a son ?!” I was like an electric shock! “Mom, what are you talking about? You are the most beautiful I have! “- I cried. At the same time he learned that quality, stitched-fashioned thing to do his job – and I’m prettier in the eyes of parents. My father and mother never really versed in matters of style: all the Soviet people, dressed in what they have.

And my children’s clothes a little different from the clothing of any child of the time. Every six months, my mother took me to the “Children’s World” and we made purchases: what was there, then buy. No frills. I remember one sweater, striped, who wore two years, putting on special occasions. And in everyday life any sort of bright colors: everything is just black, gray and blue. Of course, this situation does not suit everyone, some people are trying to stand out from the gray mass. And I remember how in Moscow first introduced jeans for 200 rubles. Fantastic price! Almost two salary engineer! I knew people who had nothing in his life, even a room in a communal apartment, but they went in jeans, investing a fortune in it to look fashionable. There was another way to dress fashionably – parcels from relatives living abroad. They were waiting for us like manna from heaven. Do not open the package breath, worried, like Aladdin’s lamp is that the desires. Sometimes the desire is fulfilled: inside was wearing jeans, running shoes, shirts … And if you did not help and sending, there was a third way – black-marketeers in the markets. They sold mostly fake, but things were very similar to the original brands such as Dior, Wrangler, Cardin.

Mikhail Turetsky team with participants & quot; SOPRANO Turetsky& quot;

Science dress fashionable and stylish Michael grasped independently in his youth, spending time and money.

– In 14 years, I received the first scholarship in the Choir School named Sveshnikov, which then studied. 30 rubles – by the way, quite an impressive sum for those times. We gave two denominations: 25 rubles and 5 rubles. I did not like – I went and exchanged all three rubles to get a pack of more impressive. And proudly handed it to my mother. We went to the “Children’s World” and there choose the most decent thing for a teenager, including the beautiful shoes. And the first few hours gave me a big brother when I was 15 years old. He was already, you might say, an entrepreneur and quite successful. In 1975, the brother had a car “Zhiguli” – incredible luxury by Soviet standards. And he, too, wore expensive, sometimes by bounties perepadalo me something from his closet. But my brother was such a great feature if I am ill, in his opinion, led, he could take away my present and. So that the same hours I then got on the 16th anniversary and 17 years. A very convenient way to make gifts. (Laughs.)

Choose casual clothes – jeans, shirt and shoes – Turetsky learned quickly. But with the selection of costumes fared slightly worse.

– The artist should be able to dress, he is obliged to respond to the audience for their appearance. But it initially seemed that science insanely complicated. I hated costumes. Choose them under my figure was a real torment. Shoulders I have always been broad, and there was no stomach at all, ie a jacket needed a 50-gauge, and pants – 48th. But this did not exist before. I bought first got a suit in the hope that I’ll take it to the studio and any Aunt Masha fitting it under me. But the time was not as a result of all my purchases hung a dead weight in the cabinet, and I was dressed in anything, not in them. Much later, to find that there are firms, sewing on men without bellies (Tom Ford, John Richmond, Fendi, Etro), I started to get that sits on me perfectly. And then I began to enjoy buying and wearing the costume. Now gradually I come to what I was starting to like ties, butterflies, handkerchiefs in the pocket of his jacket. Previously, it seemed that this is not practical, and even as it ages. And now I understand that, on the contrary, adds elegance. There is one little thing that impresses me – cufflinks. I have a small collection of accessories, which has downright jewelry masterpieces. Cufflinks focus on hand man. But I have a symphonic orchestra conductor. And when I conduct, shine elegant cufflinks adds charm my way.

Mikhail Turkish team with participants & quot; SOPRANO Turkish & quot;

However, in the wardrobe Michael has things that he gradually begins to get rid of.

– With age, the style has to change. And some things do not fit into my wardrobe. For example, recently with his wife Liana, we went into a store in Rome, where I liked the shoes – bright, stylish. I put on myself and realized that my time to wear these shoes took about ten years ago. When I see an adult male in the youth emphasized the things I have only one explanation: Herr new wife, 25 years his junior. So, no matter how insulting, but your favorite jacket Moschino, speckled lightning, still have to pay. We have one mod in the choir when I was in the jacket sees hints: “Mikhail Borisovich, you’ll be a long time to wear it? You know who it should go to the inheritance! “He did not scruple to take my things, on the contrary, considers it an honor and said that they” namolennye “successful, reliable mascot! (Laughs.)

Mikhail Turkish team with participants & quot; SOPRANO Turkish & quot;

Incidentally, rides unprecedented generosity – the distribution of their belongings – Turetsky suits regularly.

– I started the tradition that if brought home a suitcase of new things – as much of the old must give. In growing children have friends who are willing to take expensive designer clothes. And in general I do not like shopping. Although well versed in the intricacies of the process and can easily buy clothes all his musicians. Many work in my more than 20 years, and I know them inside out. Once all choristers bought jeans, choosing the dimensions on the eye, and all came. Do you consider that the jeans – the most insidious thing in the locker room! They should ideally sit on the figure, it is important to them all: color, style, size. However, we must pay tribute to my boys – they have excellent figure compared with the average guy. But his wife, I rarely shop followed. She knows how to dress, because, unlike me, the Soviet child, grew up in America, and she was able to learn to choose good quality stuff and brands from childhood to know what suits her and what does not. Plus, she worked 18 years at the sales of clothes and went out there a wonderful school. So for guidance in choosing the things I speak it to her.

Mikhail Turkish team with participants & quot; SOPRANO Turkish & quot;

By learning in any situation look your best, Michael gradually he becomes a trendsetter.

– Here, for example, I never liked long pants, they seemed to me quite inelegant, baggy. I try not to wear fashion and contrary to public opinion and chose shorter. To have stressed the ankle, showing the shape of the shoe and foot. And it turned out that all of the outstanding Italian designers are now wearing. I was right. So to my mind, you can listen! (Laughs.)