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Mikhail Turetsky participated in the organization and conduct of the World Health Day

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation cultural and humanitarian initiatives «Common cause» Mikhail Turetsky took an active part in the organization and conduct of the World Health Day, which Russia became the central event of the year to combat cardiovascular disease.

Mikhail Turetsky:

At the initiative of the President in 2015 declared the Year of the fight against cardiovascular disease. I am convinced that it is not so much a problem of medical professionals who can help people cope with heart disease as a question of society. After all, if you think about it, the reason for the spread of diseases of the heart? – Is primarily a high enough level of culture of healthy lifestyles among our population. In the nineties of the last century, in a difficult time for the country, health issues fade into the background. Today I see that things are changing for the better. On the example of their children and their peers notice that has finally come a time when bad habits – smoking, addiction to alcohol – have ceased to be «trendy». On the contrary, young people today strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle, sports, the culture of proper nutrition. Artist in every way can and should affect the mood of his audience with their creativity, their position, by personal example. Participation in the organization of the World Health Day – the first of the initiatives planned in the framework of the year to combat cardiovascular disease. This year, we, along with «SOPRANO Turetsky» supported by the Ministry of Health are planning to hold another large-scale social action.