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Mikhail Turetsky in the morning broadcast of “Russian radio” show “Russian Peppers”

Mikhail Turetsky: “Our concerts – is a popular karaoke №1 in the country”

Today’s guest “Russian Peppers” – Mikhail Turetsky – on the way to the studio detained cork, which, however, did not prevent him to discuss with leading pressing topics.

In the studio “Russian Radio” Mikhail was not a long time, so it started with news: this year’s “Turetsky Choir” turns 25 years old! The majority of the members of the team have not changed throughout this time. “How strong marriages – the years are strengthened and improved their quality of life” – joked Mikhail. He told Turetsky and a series of concerts that his team gives in honor of the anniversary in different cities of the country. Concerts are held in the main squares, at no charge, and the audience sang along with the chorus, so they got the name “National Karaoke №1 in the country.” Mikhail graduated with honors Gnesinka so conduct the orchestra in several thousand turns him perfectly!

What else talked with Mikhail Turetsky, learn from the records of the webcast. Listen to it on the website “Russian Radio” now!

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