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Mikhail Turetsky: Hello magazine told about the family vacation maestro

Well-known musician, the founder of “Turetsky Choir” and women’s art group SOPRANO Mikhail Turetsky spent holidays on the Ligurian coast in Tuscany with his wife and daughters Liana – 6-year-old Beata, 9-year-old Emmanuel and 18-year-old Sarina. In an interview with HELLO! Michael said that a man needs to age become more attractive, and why the issue of family vacations, he goes on about his wife, because the sea in Crimea he really actually I like more than in Italy.

Summer at “Turetsky Choir” was hot – though the weather here at all to do with it. The team is very active touring – not so long ago, artists visited Sochi, the five cities of the Crimea, Novorossiysk, and in front of them a great tour of the country, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of “Turetsky Choir”. Only 11 days managed to find Michael Turetsky for families, and he decided to spend them on the Ligurian coast of Italy, in Tuscany.

– Honestly, I like a man who is born in the Soviet Union, since childhood I prefer places like Crimea, Odessa, Jurmala, Palanga, Svetlogorsk – begins the story of Michael. – I do not know whether all understand me, but in the Crimea, the water is much cleaner than in Italy. The main thing – to know the place! But in this matter I go on about my wife – and she and the children are very fond of Tuscany. First of all, we like that here everywhere cycling. For us it is very important. In addition, there are a lot of interesting places, the cute little towns, which often hosts music concerts, can be reached by Andrea Bocelli performance or Elton John. Here everything is thought not only for adults but also for children – entertainment, rides, water slides. The warm sea, sunny weather – what else is needed for a good vacation! We had a great time.

And you’re ready to plunge into work again?

Yes, especially since the 2015-2016 season, we are going to vigorously celebrate our anniversary. Will not only conventional touring, and appearances in a new genre – this is our invention, we called it “the first popular karaoke”. In the central square of the city constructed a large stage with screens, and on the posters was not written only “Turetsky Choir”, but also the call to “Sing with us!”. During more than two hours, we together with the people singing favorite songs of several generations. The idea was born after a speech May 9, 2015 at Poklonnaya Hill, where there were about 170 thousand people. This unique spectacle – “singing heads” to the horizon, plus crazy energy. We got so many rave reviews that we decided to do the same “holiday song” across the country. I think this is a very important matter: it brings people together, gives a feeling of comradeship, patriotism, ties between generations. Me and my children connect to music.

They perform on a professional stage?

Yes, nine Emmanuel participates in our concerts and has already proved to be a real artist – with personality, charisma, amazing for her age organization. In just two minutes, she manages to win the room. Baby Beata also has excellent hearing, so that possible new round of our brand – “Sisters Turetsky”. Sarina had also acted, sang, she graduated from music school. But I decided to act at MGIMO. It is a future journalist, interested in sports, studying world religions, a lot of learning, even on vacation.

Is it true that all the soloists of the choir on the eve of the anniversary of the team you are forced to lose weight?

Not by force, of course, made. But we really took action “Stand on the scales.” After all, most of the guys came to us in the early ’90s, now they have 40 or under the age of 50. This is when a man can oplyt, grow a belly and can, on the contrary, to be James Bond and sex symbol. It depends on how it relates to itself. We stand on the stage, so I think that we should be a model in terms of appearance. Also in our show is very important choreography, the artists have great move. Therefore, I personally put everyone on the scales.

Like what? Sanctions! (Laughs.) We fewer solos give or deprive Prize – think of something. But I’m sure this will not happen. All are interested in the result. I do not demand anything that is to the detriment of artists. Do not smoke, do sports, go to the beautician, to dress properly – what’s wrong?

How do you keep yourself in good shape? With the grueling workouts?

No. I’m not an athlete. In his youth, my older brother played sports, and I was interested in music. But always led an active and healthy lifestyle, it’s our inheritance. My father in ’94 still standing on skates, can you imagine! Thanks to him, I loved to ski and skate, used to move a lot, and always take care of yourself. Now we are a family enthusiastic Nordic walking, like long bicycle rides. Not casually for a holiday we chose Tuscany!

Source: HELLO!