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Mikhail Turetsky appeared double and relationship with the cosmos

Last Sunday coincided once three different events – Easter, Cosmonautics Day and Birthday famous producer and founder of the 2 popular art group “Turetsky Choir” and «SOPRANO» Michael Turetsky.

“I’m waiting for any of the reasons!” – So sounded his invitation for guests.

“You know, it’s not an anniversary, but just a birthday. At first I thought not to celebrate, but then decided to celebrate it in a narrow circle of friends, we’re so rarely see each other. And on April 12 – a good excuse to get together and socialize. Moreover, that the choice of several points: you want – celebrates the first manned space flight, you want – the birth of the Turetsky, and here and Easter this year. In general, there is a choice “- said Michael.

with Liana 2 The evening began with a creative gift family. Two daughters – 9-year-old Emma and 5-year-old Beata – prepared for the pope musical number.

“In them I see the potential actresses. I do not exclude that in the future may be a new project – “Sisters Turetsky!”- Michael admitted after the show girls.

Despite the fact that the famous conductor of the celebrated non-circular date (Michael turned 53) – guests gather sufficient.

Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov with his wife and daughter came to one of the earliest. “According to the practice of many years, noticed that the astronauts are born only girls, so Turetsky for us “his”, because he had four daughters,” – said Leonov.

Lenovo 2

Also attended the celebration hockey player and a good friend birthday Vyacheslav Fetisov. “I remember the days when “Turetsky Choir” just appeared. This band is really a unique phenomenon – the cosmos! And then you still decided to finish and the entire male population of the Russian Federation, brought together a group of talented beauties «Soprano». I do not know what will happen next … But you’ve got a huge potential! When you stand on the podium – you realize that everything around you hate at this moment. But then you go down, take a step down and then have to become even stronger and more confident! Do not stop!” – Said in his wish Michael well-known athlete.

Safronov and Fetisov

The whole evening not abated jokes well-known lawyer and close friend of the family – Mikhail Barshchevsky. The company was the maestro and CEO of “Aeroflot” – Vitaly Savelyev.


Congratulate star birthday came Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets. “Michael has reached the heights of all, it all came together. But I am impressed by the fact that he does not cease to work every day, it occurs in a million ideas! So I want to wish success and inspiration! Glad to be on your holiday,” – said Olga Golodets.

Unnamed 1 Olga Golodets

Not spared the birthday of Michael and his colleagues “creative shop”: the artist Nikas Safronov, composer and singer Arkady Ukupnik, director Alexander Revzin.

This evening wards Michael sang only the most favorite songs of the maestro. So, in the middle of the evening Michael raised a toast to the parents and asked to perform a lyrical song “Tenderness”. “My mother and father hear me now – I am sure,” – said vzgrustnuvshy birthday.

Maestro himself never ceased to amaze the guests. In his performance of the song “Buy cigarettes” has found a new color – while the lines “Buy cigarettes, my feet are bare …” Michael took off his shoes with toe and all the guests demonstrated what he sang. The answer was applause and cheers.

Buy cigarettes

Turetsky managed to hit his wife Liana – about two months by special order for the birthday cake developed. Under the traditional “Happy inaction” Michael … Michael Turetsky endured – only edible.

“Oh, wow! For the first time I see a resemblance to each other. You see, even his nose looks like (laughs). Great! “- Exclaimed the maestro.


In the cake soloists could find himself – around the central figure of Michael settled 10 copies of artists. Then began arguing among musicians, eat or not eat their prototypes. But, fortunately, remained unharmed, and the cake took pride of place in the office of Michael Turetsky.

Gifts guests were quite original: exclusive books, shopping cart with all the ingredients for the preparation of “Bloody Mary” – Turetsky drink (a gift from Alexei Leonov) certificate for hours and even tracksuit!