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Mikhail Turetsky an initiative Kobzon to address the Donbas

Joseph Kobzon Makarevich offered to perform together in the Donets Basin, refer to Poroshenko to declare a truce.

People’s Artist of the State Duma deputy and was outraged by the proposal to deprive fellow leader of the “Time Machine” state awards and said “Komsomolskaya Pravda” the following:

– You know, I have already publicly condemned the act Andrei Makarevich. But does this mean that we should cross out the 45 years of his creative work in one fell swoop? – Surprised Iosif Davidovich in a telephone conversation with the deputy editor of the policy of “KP” Alexander Gamow. – For some reason, the deputies did not learn to speak some kind words artists. But to deprive the title … And the man gave 45 years of creativity and a generation brought up on his music. I’m not a fan of his music, but still I can not deny that his work quite popular and quite well-known in our country – even in one of the great, the country – in the USSR. And, of course, in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

Therefore, I strongly against the deprivation of Andrew honors and awards, and if such a question put to a vote, I will vote against it.

But I would also like to appeal to the Ukrainian side and the militia with a proposal for a moratorium on military operations in, say, the end of August in order to congratulate the Donbas miners with Miner’s Day, with their professional holiday. (It is traditionally celebrated on the last Sunday in August, now – 31 th.)

We always have done for many years. And I invite you to take part in this action the same Andrei Makarevich, if he really acted selflessly in Sviatogorsk. Here let unselfishly – with me … And surely someone will join from our famous artists to travel to Lugansk, Donetsk, Donbas miners and congratulate on their professional holiday. At the same time, perhaps to reassure the people.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” asked the famous musicians, artists with a question: “Can the work of public diplomacy, when politicians come to a standstill?”, “Will you join this initiative?”

Mikhail Turkish, musician, leader of “Choir of the Turkish”: “Artist pretty much can do, sometimes even more than a politician”

– I treat this positively. If such influential people as Joseph Kobzon and Andrei V. Makarevich there is an understanding that the two brotherly nations must agree, – says Mikhail Borisovich. – Now peoples relationship sorely tested, but the main goal – to bring everything back to square one, back many centuries of friendship, mutual understanding, tolerance, acceptance of each other. To win, all means are good. Actor can do a lot, sometimes even more than a politician. Because the artist directly enters into the consciousness of his creativity, creativity has to build bridges of friendship, destroy the ice of distrust. All of these things are subject to our shop. I think it’s definitely a good idea to ensure that the bloodshed stopped by any means. Including people’s diplomacy. It’s like a folk medicine to treat the disease. Sometimes it helps a lot more than the occupational medicine. But here also often connected psyche …

Iosif Davidovich for me a very close friend and respected man, so if he calls me and says, “Misha, it is necessary to support the” I’ll analyze what history. But it seems to me that if Joseph Davidovich makes this decision – it is a positive life-giving foundation. If it is, I always support such a project. We have always been together in the most difficult situations. We went to Chechnya together in ’97, and so on. If need be, I’ll go with him anywhere!

Now I’m at concerts in the Crimea and sing songs including the Ukrainian Move. And I say that Crimea has always been a territory of peace, love and goodness of all people, not only of the Russian and Ukrainian, and 50 nations of the former USSR. We must, of course, we come to the world and to negotiate. Agree – the key word.

I know that at any point where we stand, we sow peace and goodness. If Kobzon or Makarevich themselves in this situation in such a place, they just do better, not worse.

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