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Mikhail Turetsky about the 25 anniversary of collective in Izhevsk: To us so many years together aren’t boring to work!

– All of us are married! And we have children! – the soloist “Turetsky Choir” Pavel Berkut disappoints female part of editorial office of Komsomolskaya Pravda.

And on a question as wives release them on numerous and long tours, answers:

– Quietly release. Also look forward to our return. And in general, the husband – same not a pet who shouldn’t leave the apartment and to be always near by. Our wives – clever women, they I understand that it is our work — Pavel Berkut smiles.

So, the meeting of soloists “Turetsky Choir” with journalists began with discussion of private life. On June 12 in honor of the 255 anniversary of Izhevsk musicians within the 25 anniversary of collective submitted the large-scale project – the Song Holiday. It is a new format of concert action on which together with “Chorus” tens of thousands of people sing. The project is planned in 25 cities of Russia. We will note that Izhevsk became the first!

But before it singers glanced in the press center of Centre media group to tell how they select repertoire, and how talented people can get to the well-known collective.

“In our repertoire about 1 000 songs”

– We never considered, how many songs sang. There is a champion of all times and the people – Iosif Kobzon. It — our friend and the teacher. And not to keep up with it. But, I think, we in all 25 years of existence of chorus sang not less than one thousand songs — the Turetsky, people’s artist of Russia, the founder and the head of collective priznayetsyamikhait. – Now we execute classics, the popular opera, a sacred music, ethno, fate and even a chanson. We have no genre restrictions. And during concerts we are always ready to improvisations. Today Boris Rubinovsky (the director of a production center “Ovation”) told that weather forecasters promise a rain. If it really goes, so we will sing the song “Summer Rain” of Talkov.

– And if snow goes, we will sing “White snow” — smiling, the soloist “Turetsky Choir” Alex Alexandrov adds.

Many soloists work in collective from the date of its basis. But Mikhail Turetsky assures – for these years they each other didn’t bother.

– To us so many years together aren’t boring to work. And the repertoire at us such solid that still will be enough it for 100 years ahead — Mikhail Turetsky adds. – And thus is to what to aspire. For example, we in repertoire at the moment have no Armenian song. Though we were with tours in Yerevan. By the way, there very carefully treat the word – Turetsky. But thanks to our skill and power a surname Turetsky at once forgave us (laughs). And in end of a concert I told that my surname has no relation to Turkey. It caused a tornado of applause. In general, music is capable to unite people better than any policy. After a concert in Bulgaria people approached us and said that any concert for the last 24 years so didn’t develop Bulgaria towards Russia, as this. Not everyone is capable of such of policy. And musicians – can.

By the way, on June 16 “Turetsky Choir” invited to a concert to the Kremlin where will pass Day of Ingushetia. And especially for this performance soloists learned the song in the Ingush language.

“We invite talented girls in women’s collective SOPRANO”

The Young Guard “Turetsky Choir” — Pavel Berkut. In collective it works about a year.

– Of course, when I came, to me arranged some check on durability. The collective man’s, it was to be expected — smiles Pavel Berkut. – But despite it work in chorus for me – continuous pleasure. Though, I won’t hide, it was difficult at first. My main task was to learn all songs which “Turetsky’s Chorus” sings at concerts. And it is hundreds of compositions! I hope, I coped with this task (at this moment Pavel glances towards the maestro – Mikhail Turetsky). And children very much helped me. Both on rehearsals, and at concerts. First was and so that during performance someone from children, for example, could approach and very quietly tell: “The pasha, you sing not that”. And I fast improved (laughs).

– Yes, Pasha, you consulted! – Mikhail Borisovich smiles. – In general, we are very glad that to us Pavel came. It — the real actor of musical theater. And such people are also necessary to us. We after all are only called as chorus, in fact this historically developed name. And actually we – show of voices where it is necessary not only to have vocal skills but also to possess acting skills. Therefore such person as Pavel, is very valuable to us. Besides a voice and acting skills, at it is also the director’s vision of numbers. It is very useful skill. Pasch, and give you will show here and now that I just like that extol you. You will sing?

And right there Pavel Berkut started singing “Moscow gold-domed”. Lyrics were momentalnopodkhvatit by both Mikhail Turetsky, and Alex Alexandrov.

– Here see, soloists of “Turetsky’s Chorus” in any structure can sing any song at any time, even without preparation! – with pride Mikhail Turetsky added.

One of questions which excited all journalists: whether talented singers can get to amicable team Turetsky?

– Of course, it is possible. We are always glad to cooperation with talented people — directors, costumiers, poets, singers. To us it is possible to register in listening — Mikhail Turetsky explains. – In our female SOPRANO project, for example, now two soloists are pregnant. They for the present act. But we have two free vacancies (smiles). But consider, requirements at us very rigid – the higher music education, observance of discipline, fitness class and choreography, rehearsals – every day for 8 hours. If you want to try the hand – you visit to us the website, write the letter.


We will sing on Udmurt!

In November “Turetsky Choir” will submit in Izhevsk the big anniversary program of the best songs in 25 years.

– We already now think what in the Udmurt language to us to sing the song. Perhaps, we will consult to “Buranovsky grandmothers” to surprise and please the audience. There is a wish to make to us such surprise for you — Mikhail Turetsky shared plans.