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Michael Turetsky and his women

Musician, many years successfully guiding the male choir, he lives in his own words, in the female realm. He has four daughters, Natalia, Sarina, Emmanuel and Beata. But on January 18 the family situation has changed: the eldest daughter gave birth to the Turetsky grandson.

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“Now I finally calm – says newfound grandfather . – I have confidence in that case , which I do, will continue to exist when I retire . Of course , I have many daughters, and each of them may be my successor , but the man at the head of the holding music – it is somehow safer , in my opinion . ” Turetsky Choir ” – a serious project , not ephemeral . And if you put in his soul , he will delight people in 100 years . Of course, I realize that does not necessarily grandson will follow in my footsteps. While imagine how I would with him skiing and walking on the ice rink. And that – I have all chances to participate in the education of her grandson : I am now 51 years old, and my father when I was born , there were 50 . And he lived to be 96 years old, had to be glad when I was given the title of National Artist . And the last time we had together skating when he was 94. So I am the grandson of another little bomb ! ”

But to play with cars and trains Mikhail new member of the family has no plans . ” With the girls played enough – he laughs . – My daughter is not only played with dolls , toy cars , too, they were fun , so we still have a house full of every toy technology. Girls have a very inquisitive and active , involved in sports . Nine-year- Emmanuel stands confidently on skates, and hardly at me and my wife Liana given free time , we go together to the rink . Winter holiday usually spend , riding the whole family skiing. Younger , Beate , yet five years , but we are also gradually accustom to the loads. I believe that the main task of the parents – the child’s ability to see and open the right door in front of him . Because if he chooses the wrong way and the door would not to his size, do not like and not on talent – people will not be happy . ”

Eldest daughter Natasha Turkish its “door” has already found it – a lawyer , works in the office , ” Chora Turkish .” Sarina 17 years , and it has not yet decided on the future . According to the parents , the girl likes to be seen, and she seriously ponders whether she did not become a journalist. Younger daughter until , of course, in the search. “We are trying to develop their versatile, except for sports , there is music in the schedule . Emmanuel with five years playing the violin . I can not say that it is every day

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happy to run the tool and enthusiastically engaged . No , like any child , it is necessary to motivate . I said to her , for example, let’s you and I work out what is interesting to you – let’s talk about the history of our family or the world , go for a walk , and then pay close attention to my requests – on skis to drive , play the violin . I try to praise her as much as possible : listen, speak , what kind of sound you learned from the violin – it’s a real live sound ! Cane discipline in parenting well worked a hundred years ago , is no longer valid . The child should be interested . But it is not easy . The modern child from birth with everything he had nothing to dream. Therefore, it would be good to explain the daze that dream may be something intangible . Extract from his violin custom , lively and warm sound – that’s the dream . Here are the most important task . ”

The house Mikhail Turetsky four women (Natalia lives separately ) . Seemingly the only man they should cherish continuously. But the head of the family says that it happens not always . “We provide a family man , gives her confidence in the future , looks after and cares . Of course, sometimes I’d like to have taken care of me, but I did not allow myself to give up the slack . The wife , too, enough cases – her home and children who need attention around the clock . ”

Several years ago, Michael decided to realize his rich experience on the part of women and education in addition to the male chorus gathered female staff , which he called ” The Sopranos 10 .” “As a father of four daughters , I understand women and always try to be on their side. During this time I became an excellent ladies’ psychologist , know perfectly well that the main advantages in dealing with the girls – the truth and sincerity. Each of the soloists have to listen, to understand , to infect the general idea , and only if they feel confident. A men ‘s different . Any man – the center

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The universe ( well, at least that’s what he thinks of himself ) . And when in one place is going to a lot of men may start chaos. With them I’m the dictator . But – velvet ! My artists jokingly called me King. I do not give them to become loose , try to maintain discipline. Sometimes even punish the ruble , not without it , but heavy fines my hand is lying – sorry for the people , while small , alas, do not work , so to the extent exposure rarely used . Constrains other people : in our team all depend on each other . It’s like a football team. Matter how well you play depends on the overall success and your own earnings . If an artist allows himself some luxuries beyond the scope of this is necessarily reflected in his voice. And to us , and so have to work in difficult conditions : sleepless nights , travel … Therefore, in order not to aggravate , everyone is trying to hold on. A dictatorship install pointless. You can not force the actor to sparkle on stage – it can only create the right environment . ”

Michael home , like any artist in demand , you can catch infrequently. “I come here early in the morning , late at night and on his way from one airport to another . But even after all the trips I will have only half an hour to stay at home , I still go there . Let spend the extra two hours on the road, but if I have a chance to be with children , to communicate with his wife , but just take a contrast shower and sit in the quiet of his study – I ‘m taking it . House I need to reboot. The task of the modern man , like his distant ancestor born in a primitive society , – hunting, taking of a mammoth. And in order to hunt successfully , it is necessary from time to time to accumulate energy . I sometimes enough to stay here for half an hour , and I feel refreshed and ready for a new fight . ”

Such a large family and a house requires a rather big . Several years ago, the family looked after the Turkish land in the suburbs . Housing construction is entirely assumed Turkish wife Liana – she directed everything from laying the foundation and finishing decor rooms. One glance at the house shows that it designed the woman : in paintings , cushions , figurines and other elegant things is no shortage. And even now, after a few

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years , Liana still finds ways to improve the interior. During shooting, she was distracted twice : first Turkish delivered a huge mirror , especially for rooms Sarina , and half an hour courier carefully introduced into the living room floor two pieces – white and red cherry glossy ceramic. ” Many men probably would annoy such an abundance of decoration in the house , but not me. Everyone knows that the actor – female profession , and many representatives of the stronger sex , we tend to aestheticism of the usual ladies. I can appreciate the so-called interior couture , and all these things I love . For example , a mirror, which is now left in a room to Sarina – I also want this ! I go on stage , should look perfect! I believe that the artist is obliged to show its best qualities . If you really came on the scene and said: ” I ​​am an artist , look at me and buy tickets ” – be kind , matching! And the voice should be at the highest level , and the ability to dress and figure . In our house there is a small zalchik with swimming pool and gym equipment. I have been here , if my coach has time to reach me . If not – necessarily mash in his office , there is also a small room where our artists are engaged in physical activity . Yes, and on tour in any city can find a fitness center , it would wish . ”

Training – a very important part in the schedule of Michael. Sometimes it seems that the gym on the first floor of the house a few small. “I would , of course, made ​​it roomier . But anyway, what a God of wrath , a great house . High ceilings , huge windows , lots of light . Although , honestly tell you, I do not always feel comfortable in large rooms . I was born in a communal and very long lived in the 14- meter room with his parents and brother. So from a large space I do not always get a thrill. All time we remember St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, which was designed so that people feel the greatness of the Almighty , and felt themselves only particles of the universe. Here at me with large rooms are just so . I generally unassuming – Artist by nature tramp, and should not be confused life in hotels and household deprivation . However, when these accommodations come home , still want to stay. Get up to three in the morning somewhere in Kazakhstan , arrives home and dream sleep even two hours. A house is designed so that on the third floor in the bedroom voices of children playing in the living room downstairs . Here’s the downside , I would eliminate . In the meantime, you just have to expel the entire population of the house on the street for about two hours , so as not to interfere with sleep. ”

The question now is sleep and rest for Turkish is particularly acute : a month later, on March 9 , gives his team in the “Olympic” big concert under the intriguing title “Men look at love” that requires , as with any large-scale action, careful preparation. ” The most important thing in the life of a normal man – woman . Of course , we can not deceive ourselves , and to argue that the main thing – work, money, fame … But the man focused on the fact that there was someone to devote his life . Concert “Men look at love” – just about it . Men are much easier to admit their feelings through music than words to say about them . We will give every woman the opportunity to hear and understand what a man thinks about love. And men will present the option of using music to convey to his companion that he still thinks about her and feelings … ”