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Michael Turetsky “Who directs in kitchen, that and in a family main”

The way to heart of the star man lies through a stomach? “The improbable truth about stars” (STB) decided to find out that celebrities about it think.

Recently in one of the Moscow restaurants of a star decided to arrange a culinary duel with the symbolical name — “We prepare happiness according to the recipe”. The founder and the head of Chorus Turkish and Soprano art groups Mikhail Turetsky exclusively told the program that lives by the principle: “Who directs in kitchen, that and in a family main”.

The actor noted that time at a plate is spent by his wife: “The head of the family – the Liana prepares”. The spouse Turkish managed to study all culinary preferences of the star husband. According to the Liana, Mikhail very much loves food which is rather simple in the preparation. “Very much I love soup with quenelles, I love salads, cutlets with buckwheat cereal”, – Mikhail confirmed words of the spouse. In a family Turkish duties are distributed according to the classical scheme: the wife prepares, and the husband – earns. However Mikhail is absolutely convinced – in present realities the girl shouldn’t put a cross on private life only because it understands nothing cookery.

“Many years ago the way to heart of the man could be found easily – it is necessary to feed him. Today, of course, men not strongly pay attention to it”, – the head of art groups considers.

He got acquainted with the spouse in the USA where the Liana had successful career of the programmer. However for the sake of Mikhail she threw everything and moved to Moscow. Now the Liana brings up two joint daughters with Mikhail and pleases the husband with house dishes.

In Abraham Russo’s family the return situation — the role of the chef is carried out by the singer. The love of the actor to cookery is caused by that in New York he has own restaurant for which Abraham himself makes the menu. And here the wife of the singer — American Morello — is engaged in financial affairs of an institution. The actor is convinced that the most important in the course of preparation is a desire to make something pleasant for the soulmate. “A little bit according to books we prepare or according to recipes from the Internet. Therefore the super! The main thing — to try for the darling”, – Russo emphasized.

And here the boxer Kostya Jiu and doesn’t want to hear about performance of female work. He is the supporter of a popular belief that a place of the woman — in kitchen. “Any woman is obliged to know how to cook. Start up it it is banal sounds, the way to heart of the man lies through his stomach, but it very frequent the truth”, – the boxer to the program commented.

Whom from star men of the spouse doesn’t admit even on a kitchen threshold? You look already in today’s release of the “Improbable Truth about Stars” program at 18:30 on STB TV channel.

Photo: STB TV channel press service
Source: Story.com.ua