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Michael Turetsky: “We need be silent, the silence like the money!”

December 18 Michael Turetsky been a guest of “Russian Peppers” on “Russian Radio”.

In recent days, “Russian Peppers” concerned about the increase in exchange rates, to each his guest asked the same questions: “What should I do?” And “Who is to blame?” Michael Turetsky offers just lay low for a while and no fuss.


In addition to the financial problems were touched each of us, Michael Turetsky had to discuss with the “Russian Peppers” affairs of his female choir “SOPRANO Turetsky” the upcoming anniversary – in 2015 the famous “Turetsky Choir” celebrates 25 years – and the upcoming concerts in the Kremlin Choir, which will be held on 27 and on 28 December.


Right now you can listen to the recording with ether Michael Turetsky: