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Michael Turetsky waits reconciliation Russia and Ukraine “Slavonic Bazaar”

Press conference on the XXIII International Arts Festival ” Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk” , took place in the press center of the “MK” on May 22.

This year the festival, which will take place from 8 to 16 July , touched a lot of changes . First of all, the rules have changed a little passage to the final contestants . In fact, added another tour. So in the early days of the festival during one of the concerts of the 21 participants will be 15 , and who will fight for the final victory , singing songs in Slavic languages ​​, as well as an international hit . To diversify during these concerts , the organizers have come up with for their second branch , which will rule the roost held pop stars .

The festival program this time is incredibly diverse . Total planned 19 concerts. If last year’s ticket sales for the “Slavic Bazaar” launched on May 23 at the present time has already sold 35-40 % of the tickets . Custom show cause excitement Philip Kirkorov, Stas Mikhailov and Turetsky Choir. Attending the press conference, Michael Turetsky said that in Vitebsk his team will present an abridged version of the “Men look at love”. The premiere of this concert took place in SC “Olympic” in March and attracted 19,000 people, although until recently the skeptics doubted that refined connoisseurs choir flatter on the hard seats of the stadium. On one of the next “Slavic Bazaar” Michael Turetsky counts show your project with Raimonds Pauls (this year the Latvian composer , unfortunately let down health).


From this year’s festival Michael Turetsky expect very much . “I want us to come together and make this event a memorable one. I hope that will be a special festival , because now is the time for change, a difficult political situation . Russia and Ukraine are friends for ages, now something has broken down, and Belarus should help build ” bridges of friendship ” through art , “- he said. And the director of ” Slavonic Bazaar ” Alexander Sidorenko especially thanked for his attention to this year’s festival Ukraine, which sends him Iryna Bilyk , and Alexei Mathias Potap and Nastya .