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Michael Turetsky – the newspaper «Izvestia»: «If an artist wide open all the doors in front of you – a road to nowhere»

Michael Turetsky – on the anniversary tour, the support of Putin and the «Vladimir Central»

«Turetsky Choir» celebrates 25 years. October 10 will start the jubilee tour of the collective Russian cities. About new programs, concert tour, and why it is important to the choir sing without an accent, a correspondent of «Izvestia» Eugene Korobkova spoke with the legendary Michael Turetsky.

– Do I understand correctly that this year for you – unusual?

– Understand correctly, I have a young child in the first class took (laughs). And, of course, there is another equally important reason to – it is the anniversary of «Turetsky Choir».


– This year, your team 25 years. And you have about this bunch of events, right?

– Yes, we have planned a series of 70 commemorative concerts. The show «The Best!». Already in September we go around the country, give people emotions and good mood! We plan to tour until the end of 2016 – we have a lot of fans, city, country …

– There have been persistent rumors that allegedly to your program after a quarter-century anniversary of Putin himself has put a hand.

– During the meetings with Vladimir Vladimirovich and the idea of ​​the Song Festival. This is a new music format – a popular karaoke № 1. We have selected several generations of favorite songs that we sing together with thousands of people in the central squares of cities of Russia. Such festivals songs have already been held in Izhevsk, Krasnoyarsk, Vyborg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Tula.

– Spectators you sing along?

– Not that word! They sing with us. Our artists come down from the stage and go to the people to sing along with him. Special activity we give the microphone and even deduce the stage. It is an incredible emotion for us, and for the assembled people. May 9 in Moscow at Poklonnaya Hill, we had a two-hour concert «Songs of Victory». We attracted a record audience – 150 thousand. Man. And then I realized that this format really works! After that we went on holidays for a country song. People are willing to come to the area and sing along with the chorus.


– So you like dirizhiruete people to sing to you? What do you think the crowd there are some musicians who understand your flapping?

– Of course, the manual technique conductor helps me to interact with the audience. But there is such a thing as energy, which infects all positive, united and works wonders! Come to our Song Festival – and you’ll understand everything.

– Is there a hit of all time, which brings together all generations?

– You know, «Hope». This is a unique song. And a brilliant text that you see in every age differently. Pure and simple concepts that need to appreciate every moment and that life – not just a holiday.

– What city, in your opinion, the best singing?

– It is difficult, of course, like this one city highlight. We generally people are very musical, singing and … tough! A striking example of this – Tula. On the day of the concert it was pouring rain, but no one broke! A crowd of thousands singing along with us. Lenin Square was packed with umbrellas that people raised in a sign of applause. It is fantastic! Biggest victory! But the number of spectators city champion – Rostov-on-Don. There, at the Theater Square in the Song Festival, we have collected 106 thousand. Man.

– Michael, and you’re happy with what you are doing? It’s a little something that you did 25 years ago. You have goals changed?

– I long ago drove the idea: to rid themselves of selfish desire to hit the target. So I did not set out a specific purpose. Once I wanted to restore the tradition of the Jewish temple of music. I was 27 years old, and it was a good idea for such a young man…


– So now, you have moved away from what once did?

– Jewish liturgy – it is a very narrow market, the product is only for connoisseurs and people of Jewish nationality. But in our creativity is not gone. Look at the songs that we sing – it’s liturgy in its purest form!

– What do you mean?

– You know, a lot of Soviet mass songs cemented Jewish liturgical music. When we started to study the formation of the Jewish sacred music, I was surprised to notice: that’s the prayer – it’s «Nightingales, nightingales, do not disturb the soldiers». And this – without a «Polyushko field». And this – «Katyusha»!

– I remember heard «twist-spinning blue ball» in Hebrew …

– This is a Jewish city romance. Or rather, I call it: Russian urban romance, which on closer inspection turns out to be a Jewish song. So every time we play Soviet songs, we, in fact, fulfill the Jewish liturgy. In fact, we in the 1990s, offered to become the State of Israel in unison. But we like creative employees within the same culture was very closely. We have a wide format, we can do more than just sing Jewish liturgy.

– And Michael Krug …

– And Choi and Vysotsky and Talkova. It is legendary for our country, people, and their song – indisputable hits. It was their most often bought karaoke. There is a concept – a request the company.

– And in your repertoire at all, «Vladimir Central» was?

– How did we get to Central? Yes, it’s not that we want is we want. It was the 50th anniversary of Michael Krug in «Luzhniki» organized a concert and we said, well, guys, here for the «Vladimir Central» – a battle. Everyone wants to fulfill, but we should not just perform, and surprise. Can you? We said, «Will». And it really was a musical event as part of the concert.

– You, in addition to songs in English and Hebrew, in which languages ​​you sing?

– We will, when we come to some of the regions of Russia, be sure to perform songs in the national language. It’s a «compliment from the boss». Last year, the head of Ingushetia invited to the opening of the tower in the capital, and we sang hymns Ingush. Then Yevkurov told us that they have no team in the country, who would sing the song Ingush at this level. We are proud of that.

Whatever we sang, we understand and try to pronounce the word clean. For example, Ukrainian sing without any accent. And be sure to fulfill all concerts «Chervona ruta» – favorite song of brotherly Slavic peoples.

– You once said that in English with an accent still sing …

– We have solved this problem. The team in English without an accent sing five guys, and I brought the rest of the story. With artists necessarily engaged educator fulfills pronunciation. My wife is an American – she can advise!

– Why do you grieve so on pronunciation?

– I do not like to sing with an accent. I install this: pronunciation should be impeccably.

– But Pavarotti was singing with a focus …

– Pavarotti and Domingo forgave their English is not very good, because the basis of their works – vocals. The classics can sing with an accent on the stage – no.

– I can not ask, share the secret of how to achieve a quality of pronunciation?

– To begin with – you have to be a musician. Musician easier to «catch» the pronunciation. The second thing that is important – it is the teacher. We are always engaged with the teacher. Recently sang in Kazakhstan «Aulym» there are these lines: «When cut the umbilical cord, the first blood drops to his native land». And the audience just went wild. We have seen that people are well aware that we sing.

– Does it mean that you have opened all the doors in front of him?

– Fortunately, no. If an artist opened all the doors – a road to nowhere. I’m awfully glad that in this world there is room, which I did not open. I’m awfully glad that I have nedorealizovannaya ambition. And this ambition really pushes me to develop.

– To develop in what direction?

– I would like to make major cultural and entertainment shows, where there is a band, acrobats, circus performers, scenery, singing. For example, we sing «The Marriage of Figaro» again – and rolls the wheel of the carriage … In Europe, this format is in great demand, and we have – everything rests on the lack of suitable premises. Then I want the school: children’s choir school. Then, I will probably lead the high school musical. But not now, but in five years.


– You would have 50, and so many plans, it seems that 30. Do you believe in gender revolution?

– I think this is an individual story. My father lived for almost 100 years. When he was 50, I was born. And he even saw me People’s Artist of Russia. So there is still time! (Laughs.) I think that does not get old, you have to do what I did in 20 years, but with greater intensity. For example, I like to get behind the wheel. Especially after a friend of mine said, when the man behind the wheel of an adult and a wealthy, it’s much sexier than when he brings the driver. It is necessary to create a hardship. We are developing in the area nekomforta.


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