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Michael Turetsky said first birthday grandson

Celebrate the birthday party little Vanya decided to narrow circle.

According to People’s Artist of Russia, the founder and producer of the art group “Turetsky Choir” and «SOPRANO Turetsky” birthday party to celebrate the little Vanya decided to narrow circle – the baby came to congratulate only the relatives and friends. The choice of institution, as it turned out, was also not accidental.

– Restaurant “Chalet Birch” is just on the way to the hospital, where gave birth to a daughter, Natasha. Such is the symbolism! – shared Michael.

From his grandfather star Vanya was presented immediately 2 vehicles – cars and bicycles. “However, their dimensions correspond to Vanya” – with a smile, said Turkish. Maestro also added that he considers his grandson especially a child, “Natasha gave birth almost Epiphany midnight. At this point he ordered the case to call the baby Ivan. Baptism, the story of John the Baptist – all are interconnected. Of course, I wanted a grandson named Boris – in honor of my father … but matchmaker Zoya, looking at the little blond with blue eyes, finally convinced the kid called Ivan. I think Ivan – a special child, I believe that it expects an unusual fate. However, I can not hundred percent claim that Vanya will be the successor of my business. ”

Maestro admitted that now his place of creative receiver most claims 9-year-old daughter, Emmanuel.


“She has the makings of a leader, and it is daily taking vocal lessons. In addition, most recently at Emmie within the New Year’s concert “Turetsky Choir” was a creative debut at the Kremlin. And to be honest – I was pleasantly surprised. As it turned out, it is absolutely ready for the big stage. The audience took it on “hurray”. Emma came with great responsibility for the performance, felt like a complete creative unit and as a real artist is fully lined in front of the audience. Her enthusiasm has not disappeared, but rather the opposite – now every day asking when will her next performance. It seems to me that this is just the beginning, and now her career begins to emerge … “- said Turetsky.