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Michael Turetsky: “Out of habit, called grandson “my girl”

National Artist told Woman’s Day on the first day of the birth of his grandson, and about what it is – to bring up the first boy after four daughters.

The boy in the female realm

Last weekend, the founder and producer of the art group “Turetsky Choir” and «SOPRANO Turetsky” Michael Turetsky with his family said the long-awaited birthday grandson Vanya – he was one year.

What a gift for a grandchild grandfather chose?

Immediately two vehicles – cars and bicycles. However, they are still the size of a very Vanya. Noted the narrow family circle in the restaurant, which is located just on the way to the hospital, where Natasha gave birth. Such is the symbolism!

With a choice of baby name seems also related an interesting story?

Natasha gave birth to the Epiphany midnight. Baptism, the story of John the Baptist – all are interconnected. At this point he ordered the case to call the baby Ivan. Moreover, we even right values and not given, only later realized that the name and surname of his grandson – Ivan Gilevich, the combination turned out very in tune with “the gospel.” Of course, I wanted a grandson named Boris – in honor of my father … But matchmaker Zoya, looking at the little blond with blue eyes, finally convinced the kid called Ivan. I sincerely believe that Ivan – a special child, it is a seal chosen. I believe that it expects an unusual fate. However, I can not hundred percent claim that Vanya will be the successor of my business.


The first boy in the family of the maestro. What are your feelings?

I have no experience in the education of boys. Was always surrounded by women’s kingdom (Mikhail four daughters. – Comm. Woman’s Day). Therefore, the first 2-3 months after birth Vanya took him in his arms and said: “My girl!” Then I think: “What do I say it is ?! So it is impossible! “(Laughs.)

How to educate his grandson?

While I contemplative observation position, I get the pleasure of communicating with your child. Systematic education of Ivan, of course, deal with his parents. I believe that they have this right approach. Natasha (eldest daughter of Turetsky. – Comm. Woman’s Day) – very attentive mother always tries to learn something new in this area, constantly reading professional literature for parents. Dima’s father grows in both Vanya and necessary measure of romanticism, and the model of a strong man. After all, it really is there – in the past for a long time Dima fond of football, now plays the drums. A man’s got to be romantic. Well, that’s my understanding. Worse, when he pragmatist.

This man begins in kindergarten


But you at least sometimes interfered with the education of Vanya?

I give advice, but only when they are asked. Natasha and Dima – self-sufficient parents, suitable to the process of education with common sense. But, of course, in some difficult moments daughter turned to me for advice. And I believe that from the standpoint of their life experiences can give her the correct advice. I immediately mobilize and carefully say what to do.

Who better to educate a boy or a girl?

Male example easier to raise the boy. Well, if you are, of course, a real man, and you are not ashamed of their position in society, ideology, etc. Then their behavior strongly demonstriruesh child the correct model of perception of the world. As you say, as his word, your actions – all by example! Because children are very observant and blamed portrait with parents. So if you are in the presence of a child, for example, breaking the rules of the road – expect in the future exactly the same with him. With the girls more difficult … There is no longer fit his father’s personal example. They need help advice, support, comments, sometimes critical, but at the same time to explain how to correctly deal with such situations. This is just my story! (Smiles.)


Do you have an idea, what should do grandson?

Definitely some kind of sport, which forms the will and man’s character. I believe that the boy from the first years it is necessary to bring this man. Unfortunately, now watch the painful trend in society where the responsibility falls on the fragile female shoulders. That’s even such a simple example: come to kindergarten – what do you see? Girls dress up themselves, and the boys help. And it’s always bothered me. With such small things and begins the formation of irresponsible, uniseksovogo, low-energy man. Since I am the father of four daughters, very puzzled these questions carefully and went up to him. I want my grandson was a real man. And he was on his first birthday was a butterfly!