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Michael Turetsky: love tells thermometer

Love – a wonderful feeling, and each expresses it in his own way.

Sometimes even with humor. For example, Michael Turetsky, National Artist of Russia, the founder and leader of the art group “Turetsky Choir” and «SOPRANO Turetsky” on the eve of Valentine’s Day has shared with “Big Moscow” cute story:

“For me, the concept of love carries a special meaning. This is not a passion and hobby. This palpitations and fever at the sight of the sole. In general, in one word – a disease. And one day, as the time it was on February 14, I decided to bring my understanding of love. Went to the pharmacy and bought a … largest medical thermometer. Arriving home, dipped it in hot water and then handed Liana with the words: “When you see that I have a fever and the degree of love rolls!” Yes, that’s so romantic. Liana And, oddly enough, appreciated this act. ”

Author: Alena Davydova
Source: “Big Moscow”