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Michael Turetsky: “Daughter did not disappoint me on stage!”

On tour in Yekaterinburg, head of the famous Turetsky Choir admitted as a daughter, Emma wants to act in his program and why the family no Christmas traditions.

Packleader should be healthy!

– Michael Borisovich, as noted by the offensive in 2015?

– This New Year I the first time in 12 years spent with the family – a rare case when the New Year’s Eve beside me close and native people. Usually from 31 December to 1 January, I work. You know, there’s just a saying: there would be a blessing in disguise! (laughs) I decided that at the beginning of the year is necessary for all actors – both choir and women’s group SOPRANO – give a week vacation. We have at the end of December was a very busy schedule – toured the city with a new program, the New Year’s special projects. And Santa Claus was, and Snow Maiden – all as it should be. Yes, and in 2014 in the tour plan was a success for us, so needed a good restart and recreation. And in the very New Year’s Eve, I had to visit several companies – dropped in to visit close friends, ministers and even astronauts! Chiming clock met already at the family table, and then went to the club with youth. Well, that – a holiday after all!

– In your family have any traditions celebrate the New Year?

– Where are we with the choir that night worked there and I tried to take his family! Therefore, any special Christmas traditions did not happen. But, of course, children have their “New Year’s ritual.” Every year, in the morning come to them from Santa Claus, lead dances around the Christmas tree, give gifts – just such a classic of the genre. Because you want the feeling of celebration and magic!

– And where did you spend the winter holidays?

– Since childhood, I love skiing. Therefore, with the family went to Austria to conquer the Alps – that’s just our tradition! First, my passion wife and daughter Liana not very supportive. But I was determined to put all of them on skis – and delivered! They got a taste so that now even the youngest – 5-year-old Beata – do not pull from the mountain slopes! And by the way, every year their skills better and better – and will soon surpass me. But I became less decisive on steep descents – still have a responsibility not only to his family, but also in front of my artists. Leader of the Pack should be healthy – without fractures and gypsum (laughs) …

My daughter sang!


– Tell me what you think of at the last New Year come true? Was best for you last year?

– My dreams and desires are reduced to one – the development of creativity. And, looking back on 2014, I can safely say – yes, true! In March last year, Turetsky Choir successfully held a landmark concert in the “Olympic” – then we set its own record, collecting on stage 19,000 spectators! My female SOPRANO project does not lag behind men – many original songs written, filmed clips, held star duets. And in 2015 already planned new creative tandems. So we will surprise you!

– On New Year’s Concert in the Kremlin with you on stage was your 9-year-old daughter of Emmanuel and elegant sang. Why not take it with you to Ekaterinburg?

– To me only recently come to understand that Emma is ready for the big stage. Just a few weeks before the concert, it was decided to include her solo performance in our program. Moreover, on the eve of the concert was such a creative turmoil that we really did rehearse her performance did not have time. So that the number had to drive on the day of the concert in the Kremlin. To tell the truth, I was very upset as she will. After all, people have come to look at your favorite actors, rather than the girl-debutante. Now the public is very demanding. At first, the hall listened, watched appreciatively. But in the first minute Emma managed to conquer and win the attention of the public. Did not disappoint! The next day we flew together to Peter – and “October” also took it with a bang! Of course, she liked to act: she ate a piece of glory and lit up the life of the artist. Her eyes were full of enthusiasm and asked to continue the tour with the choir! But on the tour was Ekaterinburg – and there is a difficult night flight. I thought that for her it would be difficult – an unusual mode, the daily performances … Now this is not exactly what you need 9-year-old child, and I managed to convince her this. But I am sure that this is only the beginning of a creative way Emmanuel Turetsky – you have not yet heard again!

– But at a concert in Yekaterinburg we first heard your solo song. Why only one?

– Enough is enough! (laughs) To be honest, it was a creative experiment. The song was written by my concert director and offered to try to execute it. And during a tour of Siberia and Sakhalin I decided to include his solo performance in the program and see the reaction of the audience. And a lot after the concert came and shared their positive feedback. So my solo song “arrived” in Ekaterinburg. I am sure that there is a criticism, but so far in her eyes no one spoke. Maybe afraid (laughs).

– In Yekaterinburg, you are very often. It is true that already on March 7 Turetsky Choir again going to the concert with us?

– Yes, we are frequent visitors to you: very much like your city. That thought, why on the eve of International Women’s Day is not a celebration for the beautiful half of humanity! Thus was born the idea of the concert with the new program “Live for her …” Once again, through music confess infinite love for women. After all, nothing more beautiful than this feeling can not be!

Steel Ladies psychologist

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– Next year for Turetsky Choir – Anniversary …

– Yes, Turetsky Choir celebrates 25 years! Of course, we want to celebrate this event scale anniversary tour to cities in Russia and CIS countries. Planned and most entertaining action – a new format, through which tens of thousands of people will be able to sing along with the chorus in the open air. With the “Song Festival” want to travel about 20 large cities of our country.

– What is still more interested in the project you are – male Turetsky Choir or female SOPRANO Turetsky?

– Even approaches to work with different teams! With the guys I demanding and rigorous – do not give them the opportunity to show up the slack. For girls, of course, more lenient attitude. During the existence of SOPRANO (over 5 years) I became a real female psychology – and I can listen and give advice, guidance. In the work of teams try not to cross. Recently SOPRANO was a successful tour of North America. They are also not been invited to China. Some even had the impression that the girls have already jumped in the development Choir. And then, of course, our male artists are beginning to worry!

– Tell me, the economic crisis has affected the activity of the choir, and your personal life? What you have anti-crisis program?

– Fortunately, there is some obvious changes are not felt. Anyway, the anti-crisis program – this is us! (laughs) Well, that’s true! We want to make people happy and smile!