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Michael Turetsky led the choir to lose weight under the threat of fines

Russian showman and founder of “Turetsky Choir” Michael Turetsky band members decided to put on a strict diet. The reason for attention to the extra kilos singers 53-year-old actor called the upcoming tour, the beginning of which the performers must get in shape.

– The team of soon 25 years, and we have to enter in this era in good physical shape. Everyone should be slim and toned! They are still on the stage to dance the cancan – shared with SUPER Mikhail Borisovich. – The average age of the team of soloists – 41 years, and this is the age when you need to look perfect. Today I put before them the goal, and if someone does not comply with it, will have to apply sanctions!

As it turned out, under the Turetsky sanctions mean fines and reduction of wages. According to People’s Artist of, if not the general staff will throw two months of 50 kilograms, he will have to cut wages to participants at 50 percent.