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Michael Turetsky led the 9-year-old daughter on the stage of the Kremlin

The performance went on “Hurrah!” and the audience greeted her with applause.

In the Kremlin Palace of the concerts “Turetsky Choir” and surprised the audience lots of surprises.

Thus, the New Year’s concert opened with Maiden size 42 feet! Lowest bass famous band – Eugene Kulmis came on the scene in a very unusual way. “The most difficult thing was to find a red boots in my size. Thank you friends bailed out at the last minute … “- said Eugene.

12 By mid-evening in the “shelf” Snow Maidens arrived. On the stage member of the art group «SOPRANO Turetsky” 7 long-legged beauties in Christmas costumes greeted the audience with the upcoming holiday, performing several songs.

Among the guests was a famous music critic Arthur Gasparyan. “The perfect gift for the New Year to the public from the “Turetsky Choir”- calorie and multi-layered cake gourmet ingredients – wonderful works, collection of voices and positive mood. It is hoped that such a generous musical wishes come to life, and the coming year will be at least partly in the same light as the long-term work of Michael Turetsky and his brilliant chorus! “- Shared his impressions of the concert music expert.

Also on New Year’s special project came Choir and the most famous biker country, the founder of the motorcycle club “Night Wolves” – Alexander Zaldostanov (surgeon). “I am very pleased that we managed to come to the concert. Got a good mood and a great boost of energy! “- Said Alexander.

Another surprise was the performance of a 9-year-old daughter of Michael Turetsky – Emmanuel. The young actress was so worried that behind the scenes for a moment did not depart from the director, constantly asking when its output. After all, she had to go down to the stage for a complex design. “I’m afraid I can not keep and drop!” – Nervous Emmie.

However, all the excitement was in vain. The performance went on “Hurrah!” And the audience greeted her with applause. Michael himself at the end of Turkish numbers daughter proudly said, “Thank you, that did not disappoint!”.


In the festive atmosphere were involved and the audience, who were complicit in the concert. When soloists sang lines from the legendary song “Hope” – they sang the entire Kremlin. “Hall does not need rehearsal – they just sing from the heart. And it’s incredible! “- Said Michael Turetsky.

“For many, December was a difficult month. Yes, and in 2014 was not an easy one. Therefore wanted to give people a festive mood, to say that you need to live with all my heart! It is important to appreciate every moment and enjoy life. And it is in this music can help! “- Said Michael Turetsky.