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Michael Turetsky in an interview for the magazine RENOME

With his famous male choir toured around the world. And probably more than once received offers to stay and live abroad. But did not stay. And, apparently, is not going to. Mikhail Turetsky everything in Russia: family, career, hundreds of shows, each of which – a kind of musical performance, and even fans and big plans. All this story Michael readers RENOME.


Mikhail Turetsky: “All my way – long titanic work, hours of rehearsals so far, even at night”

– Michael, is it true that you start playing piccolo flute playing, because it’s cheaper to training cost, and your parents did not have enough money to pay for lessons on the piano?
– Yes, it is true, but we were not poor! In the 60-70th years of the last century a large part of our population lived “tautly.” Musical ability I have manifested in early childhood, his parents decided to send me to a music school. And my mom went to investigate. The price list of public school tuition fees for different instruments differed in the range of one and a half to twenty rubles. The last lines “hit parade instruments” held flute – 3 rubles per month of training, piccolo (piccolo) – 1 ruble 50 kopecks.
So I started to learn the flute piccolo. Parallel to this, my father took me to the chapel boys, where I studied choral singing.

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– As a child on a stool singing with pleasure? And when they began to do this already professionally?
– For 3 years I sang songs memorized directly from the radio, sometimes even without understanding the meaning of words. It all started, of course, with the home “taburetnyh” concerts. Sang with great pleasure for all the guests of our house. Corona my room was popular then the song “Purple haze”, which I sang for his older brother and his friends. The first systematic attempt to start music lessons were in music school (flute), and with a private teacher at home (on the piano). A very serious – in the Choir School named after Sveshnikov.

– As a teenager, you have a voice broke? You did not sing during this period?
– Of course, broke down, I was a normal boy. I sang six months. We had in the school choir Sveshnikovskom mutatsionnikov (laughs). There all sufferers gently still

– Was there a turning point in the beginning of your career?
– Watching what is considered a turning … In my life there were many radical solutions. Maybe this is the day when I founded and led the men’s choir at the Moscow Choral Synagogue, from which later will be “Turetsky Choir”, and maybe when we team left wall of the temple and began to act as an independent team. Now, when I turn back, it seems that it was meant
be and it all had its premises.

– Does the person you are grateful for the fact that it all came together and turned out the way it did?
– Yes. At various times, the team supported different people and organizations for which they thank you. If we talk about the individual, it is, of course, Joseph Kobzon. It was the 90s, when
we took part in his jubilee concert tour of the country. So you understand, by the time we were abroad and were valid artists, musicians with higher education.
But Kobzon – a true master, block, and we learned from him as a boy. Learned everything: scenic behavior, communication with the public and, more importantly, singing into a microphone. Prior to make do without them. It was a real school of pop craftsmanship. He us formatted in general (smiles).

– Tell us how you managed to end in the 90s to convince Joseph Davidovich take you on his farewell tour of Russia? That’s when your fame began in the country?
– I took starve! Called him to the office and a half thousand times! It began in 1996 during the American tour of the choir. Then there was no mobile phones, and once on my way met public telephone, I dialed his number and heard “Joseph Davidovich busy” or “He’s on tour, call yesterday” (smiles). Call and catch this person in the office was virtually impossible. But I continued to attack and phoned a few months later. Then I invited Joseph Davidovich to our concert in the Great Hall of the Conservatory. Was full, Iosif Davidovich gave us a big bouquet of flowers. After I asked him to take us to the anniversary tour, telling how it will look in your car: singing, gesticulating. And … persuaded. You should have seen what it was a success! Yes, thanks largely to this tour of “Glee Turkish” found in our country.

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– How do you explain your popularity overseas?
– It so happened that at the time of formation of a “Turkish Hora” in the West was more prepared for this kind of public art than in Russia. For example, in the United States for many decades a thriving culture of musicals, a different kind of show, popular genre of classical crossover (synthesis of elements of pop, rock and electronic music). We got there just in the jet. And in Russia, it has become possible much later. “Turetsky Choir” in this sense ahead of his time.

– Have you ever had any of the doubts about what you are doing right, necessary and profitable. There were certainly times when income was not high … Who else would you
could be if there was some sort of alternate airport?

– As a young man, to feed their families, I have worked in several places at once: a teacher, a regent, a night in a large supermarket director, a taxi driver. But it needs to. If it had not become an actor, I probably would have chosen a profession creative director because I understand very well the director of any process. And in the future, by the way, I see myself producer bands which, undoubtedly, “tear” our show business.

– How did you come to understand synthetic art, which combines singing varying degrees, elements of plastic theater and acting?
– It happened gradually. There were some ideas that have evolved along with my male chorus. We started as a chamber choir of the Moscow synagogue. Soon we, as artists became close in a single genre, and we went outside the temple. Over time, the light appeared unique model show-project – art group, it is close to me as a creative person. The essence of this concept lies in the infinity of creative possibilities within a musical ensemble. It allows you to capture music from different countries, periods and styles: “Pagliacci” and “La Traviata», Rammstein and Mozart, Lyubov Orlova and Freddie Mercury … our horizons in terms of repertoire expanded to infinity – dreams about any artist! This model project fully satisfies my creative ambitions. But after 20 years of working with the men’s team, I realized what I was missing. Poignant, penetrating into the heart of a female vocal. So I decided to push the repertoire of the frame. After all there songs that sing it interesting female voices, for example, to perform a song from the repertoire of Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson’s iconic song or generation “Daisies hid.” So I created a women’s group “Turetsky Soprano.”

– Can any one word to characterize the style of your creativity?
– It’s complicated. “Turetsky Choir” in the music world takes a special position. We fully can not be attributed to pop culture, nor to academic art. I created a universal
art group model allows for many years standing at the junction of the aurora. To be more professional language, the new style, which employs “Turetsky Choir” part can be termed classical crossover – a synthesis of elements of pop, rock and electronic music, but in creative activities there are tendencies that go beyond this concept : polyphonic singing and voice imitation of musical instruments, interactive elements and a happening (for example, participation in a public dance-song program). Difficult to describe in words, music events, “abstrusely” turns. Come to the concert and see that everything is simple and clear!

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– When your creativity first appeared pop direction? After all, you started with the Jewish liturgical music … Today Jewish chants – a separate part of your performances, how significant?
– While working in the U.S. under the contract. There we were filled with culture Broadway musicals, Las Vegas and first-rate musicians and were ready for a change. It is in America, we have learned to create now show that in our country there was no trace. Thought, as it is applied to all our homegrown show business, were charged creative atmosphere songs. Jewish music in the concert program today occupies the smallest percentage part, but very meaningful. This is our story. You know, despite the cardinal change of repertoire policy, when we sing something Jewish, it is perceived by the public with a bang!

– Is it true that you once talked his eldest daughter on her to become a singer? Why?
– Yes. Dissuaded. Then I did not have the authority and the current situation, but in our country, unfortunately, with rare exceptions, the musicians have to barely make a living. I feared that it would be difficult to assure their future.

– Now supporting children’s creativity?
– I believe that it is necessary to teach the child the music just for the general cultural development. My eight year old daughter of Emanuel shows ability and interest in music: with five years playing the violin, she has a good ear and a strong voice. Nobody is talking about being a musician, but these pursuits I certainly encourage and promote her work.

– We already know that finalist “Voice. Children “Ragda Hanieva will act as a special guest of your nearest tour in the North Caucasus. As was possible this creative union?
– Ragda – talented girl, we learned about its successes, and we wanted to experiment and do something together. We are now at the stage rehearsals themselves not yet fully understand how it will be. Will or not, to judge the public.

– What professional future you can predict young Ragda?
– Ragda talented, mature beyond her years girl, it all depends on her wishes. If he wants to be a great singer and meaningful.

– You and your fellow choir has some special voice mode? How are saving voice?
– Voice should not be protected, and coaching. Our guys always keep yourself in good shape, doing vocals and exercise several times a week. This – the best recipe!

– In the choir over the years of its existence were replacements?
– Replacing were, but when a team is not 2-3 artist, and 10, it does not crash. Team has been almost 24 years old, and his skeleton remains unchanged. We do routine work, and can be proud of. Some of the artists I know since my undergraduate days.

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– The choir sings in several languages. Does this mean that all its members on the same languages ​​are spoken? Or just learning a song lyrics?
– All artists of the choir speak English well. Almost all musicians singing anyway know Italian, as it says most operas. Musicians always easy given pronunciation even in an unfamiliar language – hearing helps. When you need to learn a foreign song, we often invite experts who are professionally engaged in the world, working over the correct pronunciation.

– Thank you very much touring the world and our country. Is there a significant difference between the performances before the public and the capital of the province?
– I believe that a true artist nedolzhen distinguish favorite spectator and everywhere to do your best, whether or DK Kremlin Palace small town.

– Is there a country or a city where you have not performed, but would very much like?
– It is interesting to perform in China – a completely different world. It is a country with huge potential, today there culture reached a very high level. I would like to try.

– What, besides repertoire and ten votes, makes your choir unique? Is there a team in the world, with which you can compare?
– I often joke that we are the world’s only dancing chorus, but every joke … (smiles) I answered this question when he spoke about the genre. Indeed, we had our own way, and therefore analogs “Chora Turkish” in today’s world no.

– Tell us about the creation and creative way of art group “Turetsky Soprano.” Whether it is possible for some parameters to compare your two teams – male and female?
– “Turetsky Soprano” is not synonymous with “Turetsky Choir”. This women’s project, and the woman can not be an analogue men. This is another field, another space, another intelligence, the other emotional status, another consciousness. In 2008, I announced casting for participation in the women’s project. Important to me were not only voice but also stage skills, knowledge, taste in music, human qualities, external data. There were many contenders, more than two hundred. As a result, it was selected 40 girls that we rehearsed for four months. This was an important step for further work, during which it became possible to evaluate not only vocal, but also to understand how the actress can work in a team, trained, communicative and receptive to new musical material. As a result, the team remained the best actress from different cities of Russia and CIS countries. Come to the concert “Turetsky Soprano” – you will see that I am not exaggerating.

– It is true that the choir colleagues call you “king”? Why? And is there a nickname among other members of the team?
– I refer to such things ironic. This is such a good speech. They call me maestro Mikhail Borisovich someone is calling. Many of them I’ve known, I was 27, they were 17-18 when it all began. It is clear that some called Misha. And another: “The king decided to …”, “King said …”. The remaining members of the group also have nicknames, but less significant: Toul, Kuzma, Wild Boar, The animal (laughs).

– You are familiar with the symptoms of the so-called star of the disease? Had been ill with this creative “illness”?
– I think not. The fact that my life was not this covenant in the morning when I suddenly woke up famous, there was the sudden realization of Fame, which obscures the mind. Popularity came gradually and lasts quite a long time. Therefore, there are other issues: how to keep this interest to yourself? One answer – work! All my way – very heavy, long titanic work, hours of rehearsals so far, even at night.

– What you are at home and in the family? Since you easy as you think?
– It all depends on how much time I spend at home. When I long home, and it happens that I have only six days a month vizhus with family, then try not to nitpick. And when more time with your household spend, then began to ask questions. But generally, when you Sunday, in fact, father and husband, you have little chance to educate, you just tune out.

– You have a very beautiful wife. Have to be jealous?
– I’m so passionate about is that jealous just do not have time and effort (laughs).

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– Tell us how you met? And there had to overcome any difficulties in order to be together?
– We met over 15 years ago in Dallas during a U.S. tour. Almost immediately it became clear that this – SHE. The difficulties were mainly related to the fact that I had to first go on a tour of the cities of America, and then return to Russia, and Liana has lived and worked in Dallas. Soap opera: meetings and partings, many hours of phone conversations that “ate” my fees. For some time lived in two countries. It was hard, but then Liana moved me to Moscow – and “they lived happily ever after.”

– You have four daughters. It would be foolish to ask whether you want a son. Ask the question differently. There is such a popular modern series “Last of Magikyan.” So, the main character of three daughters. And it turns out that his wife is pregnant, but the baby’s gender is not yet known. And someone said to him, the father of three daughters, a son that must be earned. And the hero is doing everything to really deserve: performs only good deeds, no one was rude, trying to fall in love with potential in-law and so on. And as you could “earn” the birth of a son?
– I probably overdid it strongly, because recently earned his grandson (laughs). Natasha, my oldest daughter, gave birth to a boy. His name is Ivan. So, my little harem dilute!