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Michael Turetsky: “I finally decided to take the eldest daughter a big mountain”

Michael Turetsky, a big fan of winter sports, mastered with three year old daughter Beata sports sled, and 9-year-old Emmanuel – adult descent from the mountain. WomanHit met with the artist and learned enough, he received adrenaline.

– Mikhail Borisovich, say that you have a special relationship to alpine skiing. Where did this come from?
– Ever since childhood … One day his older brother Sasha sat in the train and arrived at the Dmitrov highway. I remember: Tourist station. That’s where it all started. You could say I witnessed the beginning of development of winter sports in the USSR. Of course, then it was still poor condition – all its infancy.

– The Soviet Union was a luxury skiing …
– It is true. Well, judge for yourself: need shoes, suit, skiing, etc. Of course, in those days it was a costly sport. We got along with homemade skis and for a long time did not know what lifts – to climb the mountain on foot. But what was a great charge! (Smiles.)

– Your dad, Boris, was a sports person. Where he learned to ride and how to teach you?
– He is from Belarus. And in the winter they have always been a skating rink and ski. Here father and used every opportune moment to stand up on skates or skis. Well, I like a sack of potatoes, put the next. (Smiles.)

– It is said that until recent purchased for growth skates 43rd size you have not grown, is that true?
– Yes, but not until the 43rd, and up to 42 th. (Laughs.) Then skating also comes at a price. So try to save by buying all for the future. True, the ride is not in its size, I tell you frankly, not very convenient. Therefore, when it became possible to buy skates – understand what happens in a different way … Also, as it turned out, I’m good ride. (Laughs.)


– Now you and your daughters to the sport accustom?
– Man must evolve in different directions, including resort to physical stress. Therefore, during the winter holidays our family we go to the ski resorts.

– This year you were skiing in Austria. Vacation praise?
– This is certainly the case that the euro is pushing to ensure that greater use of domestic services. This year, many of my colleagues in the shop went to rest in Sochi, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and the Caucasus. But I still decided to go to conquer the Austrian Alps. And, frankly, a little bit sorry. Since we were not lucky with the weather: there was little snow, a constant fog. But still trying to get at least some pleasure – first tried to move out on a sled on a special sledge track. Even brought along her youngest daughter. And then I realized that my five-year Beata very grown up – it woke adult responsible person. The whole process is very descent led. “Dad, there’s brakes, and accelerates here” – she advised me. So the first time after carefully observing all the rules. But the second time I slid without the Beata – that’s decided anything does not deny. Like adrenaline, and I rushed to the 6-kilometer route without brakes. At some point could not fit into the rotation – I issued on the plain field. I immediately jumped up, his face in the snow. But the biggest stress was the fact that I found the lack of sledges. They are generally not seen in all foreseeable space. And next – not a soul. Fortunately, my friend arrived, and we began to work together to find missing. Traces of sledge led to the ravine. It was already late in the evening. And we understand that if we go further – we can fall into the ravine. And then – oh, joy! – Saw the sled on the bushes! (Laughs.)

– Daughters, Emmanuel and Beata, also rode with you ski?
– Yes, they have repeatedly stood on skis. And this time, each of them had their own instructor. Although, truth to tell, a foreign coach is not the best option for beginners.

– Then why do not you show them the technique of riding?
– The fact that I’m drawn to extreme slopes. And of course, I can not risk and ride there with my children. Therefore still have to go to the instructor. But this year, I still decided to bring Emmanuel a big mountain. And, I must say, with the descent she coped magnificently!


– What is your father’s pride?
– I have a vivid example. Paternal pride – is when your nine-year-daughter goes to the central concert halls of the country and tear ovation hall. Most recently, Emmanuel took part in the New Year’s Concert Choir. And, I must say, it was a room in a professional manner: and vocals, and artistry! I confess that I was very nervous, I doubt whether it is ready for action on such a big stage as the Kremlin. But she did not let me down!

– This year is special for you. You will celebrate a decade Emmanuel and the 25th anniversary of “Tuetsky Choir”. Already have any ideas?
– We celebrate scale cultural and entertainment action all over the country. This will be a new concert format: an open-air tens of thousands of people will be able to sing along with “Turetsky Choir”. And for Emmie participation in this event is the best way to feel like an adult. All the more so after his recent debut, she lit up even more concert life.

– Usually round dates to sum up. What can you say about yourself as a father?
– I think that my family I did not spend time. “Art requires sacrifice” – and it’s true. The phrase “Sunday dad” sounds, of course, beautiful, but it has a lot of unfavorable nuances. Sometimes very sad … It daughters childhood passes without me. Most regret is that I as a teacher could give their children more. However, at the first suitable opportunity I try to spend time with family, pay attention to them.