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Michael Turetsky: “Everyone needs a “injection” classical music”

Before the New Year in one of the largest concert halls in Düsseldorf Mitsubishi Electric HALLE c great success performance art group “Chorus Turkish”. This musical group in particular needs no introduction. Professional excellence, unique voices of singers, ranging from the highest tenor, which is indistinguishable from the female voice, and ending with a stunning bass-profundo, admired by the audience. The abundance of musical genres and an extensive repertoire is designed for the widest audience. Michael Turkish acted not only as a singer and conductor, but also a brilliant entertainer. He has a sparkling sense of humor, easily and naturally communicates with the audience. It is no wonder that the audience left the concert in a good mood, taking with them a lot of positive emotions.

– Mikhail Borisovich, as far as I know, your musical education began to play the flute, piccolo. What attracted you to this musical instrument?

– Cheapness (smiles). Or rather not so much me as my mother, who was not sure that my musical education need to invest heavily. I later child. Our family was not rich, and learning the flute worth inexpensive. But I was lucky and got the world’s best musical education. He graduated from the Choral School. Sveshnikov, then Institute. Gnessin, graduate school. Engaged in symphony conducting. This solid foundation allowed me to work in a variety of musical genres.

– You could call the person, or people, without which your career would not have been so successful?

– Many such people. But our main investor – a public filling auditoriums. Our concerts are sold out, so we are not dependent on sponsors, for their help can not always count on. Our art is in high demand not only among music lovers, but also people who have never attended a conservatory, do not listen to opera, and generally does not happen in the theater. Such Russia has 40-50 per cent, and this is a sad statistic. In the town square we collect tens of thousands of people and hold them for a musical educational program. The music of Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Rossini and many other great composers, excerpts from musicals and operettas. People get “injection” of classical music, which is so necessary to civilized man.

– How did you have the idea to create a men’s choir at the Moscow synagogue?

– This idea appeared in the era of perestroika, when began to revive Jewish sacred music, who are pretty half-forgotten in the USSR. I created a chorus that could glorify this part of musical culture around the world. It is a pity that the press then wrote a little about us. And Jews are proud of their culture, could provide us a lot of support. For example, help organize performances in such prestigious concert halls as the “Royal Albert Hall” in London and “Carnegie Hall” in New York. It would be possible to remove such concerts on video and distribute them in many countries. Alas, this did not happen. And yet we dream that the Jewish liturgical music sounded in the “Royal Albert Hall”. We have such a project, and have a sponsor, but the situation now is that the Russian artists perform in London is almost impossible.

– Now a very popular style of music “crossover”. But you seem to have gone a little further and invented a new genre?

– Crossover (music style, which is a synthesis of classical and contemporary music. – AO), takes no more than twenty percent of our repertoire. We perform the classics of all musical styles in modern processing and original form: classic rock, opera, urban romance, world hits that have passed the test of time. Our art group not only sings, but also dancing, we use theatrical scenery, is not alien to us and Dramatic Arts.

– Your concerts are always a success. And how do you react when the public does not applaud?

– This, fortunately, I do not remember. If in the hall there was applause, means “motor stalled” and it must be sent in for repair or written off. The skill level of our highest performers. Another thing is that during the tour we do not have the technical capabilities to show such a beautiful show, for example, in the “Olympic”, which was attended by 19,000 spectators. We have presented a new program called “Male view of love.” It was an impressive sight: light effects, live orchestra, ballet show, and huge screens enable you to see what is happening on stage. If you were present at that concert, you would understand what “Chorus Turkish”. Of course, a beautiful woman without makeup and dresses looks attractive. But this show is a must see in all its glory, though to a DVD-drives our shows look impressive. However, even in the most modest circumstances, we easily and quickly captured the hearts of the audience.

– Who is your audience, Have your youth performances?

– At our shows there are Prime Minister, and the main face of the country, and governors. Come oligarchs, students, housewives. Many young people, but older people attend our concerts rarely – they have no such possibility. Germany in this respect differs from Russia, older people live here full life. But we hope that in our country will attend the concerts the audience and even the older elderly. After all, art is able to prolong life, and in this we see our mission.

– How can you not remember your father? He is, I believe, has died at the age of 97?

– Yes I Am. He participated in the siege of Leningrad breakthrough, he lived in Moscow. Its all arranged, he did not want to go anywhere, was active, cheerful person. I remember such a case. Once we went to the rink. I was 42 years old, 57 years his elder brother, and father of 92. All around us began to gather people to look at such an unusual trio. But such cases are not typical for our country.

– You do not remember the most unusual, the most memorable performance of your choir?

– Perhaps the most unusual platform on which we played was the deck of an aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”. It happened in Murmansk, gathered 6,000 sailors, of course, this concert can not be forgotten. Or our concert dedicated trёhsotletiyu Novgorod region. We sang in the square sub-zero temperatures and communicate directly with the audience, and they gathered about 25 thousand. An unforgettable impression!

– Two years on the contract you have worked in America. Has taught you this country?

– Show business. And so many other things, diplomacy, and the ability to adapt, to maneuver. With such baggage then it was much easier to work with.

– Now corporate parties in Russia are less frequent and more modest than in previous years. You have already experienced it myself?

– Indeed, corporate events and concerts custom has now become less. During the crisis, survival of the fittest actors and weak may go to the bottom. If you are not able to give a concert box office, it is unclear how to survive. Well, when you have a rich uncle, the non-poor mistress or lover, a wealthy sponsor. And if they do not? We are fortunate in this regard. We tour around 100-150 cities around the world, and we have there already has its audience, so we are confident about the future.

– In your art group 10 bright individuals. Manage this team probably difficult?

– In fact, much more difficult to find a common language with their children, especially as the time to communicate with them sorely lacking. That’s a problem. With artists all the easier. You infected them with the idea, you lead them away, and they believe you. Remember the book Kipling “Mowgli”? Akella (the leader of the wolf pack. – AO) has not yet missed, that’s when he promahnёtsya when you stop being a leader, then the artists will manage someone else.

– How do you survive such a huge exercise? Can afford to drink after the show, along with a glass or two artists?

– I have no craving for alcohol. When going to a good company, I can drink with all the vodka, brandy or wine, but in all these drinks understand bad. I prefer physical education.

– A statement prohibiting the artists on the day of the concert, having sex, not too harsh?

– In our age (sighs) exclude sex does not. On the contrary, we must use every opportunity. (Laughs.) Who knows what lies ahead.

– In 2009, you created a women’s group “The Sopranos 10”. How was the audition?

– “The Sopranos 10” – a stunning palette of votes. By contenders were presented stringent requirements. Girl, trapped in a group with three years engaged in music, know foreign languages. They can ignite any audience. These are songs performed by Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley hits Kristalinskaya, Zykina, Pakhomenko, Anna Herman. And yet the French chanson, songs, arias, and all this in a new, original processing. All singers are beautiful, but it’s not a doll, whose rich uncle brought to the stage. Thanks to the talent, charm and diligence art group in the short term became popular.

– Is it time to organize a tour of “The Sopranos 10” in Germany? I saw record performances and have no doubt that the concerts will be successful female group.

– We will work in this direction. Need serious advertising company, and I have no doubt of success.

– Once upon a time you wanted to open a music school. Has not abandoned this idea?

– Here without government assistance we can not do. To open schools need a good room in the center of Moscow, where children could come. Classes would be held free of charge. If the issue will be resolved with the room, we open a school.

– When you were born, your father was about fifty years. You would not want to follow his example, because four daughters – is not the limit?

– I feel sorry for my wife. But I think we agree. (Smiles.) However, she said that at first – Hupa (wedding ceremony according to Jewish tradition. – AO), and then you can think about the children.

– Recently you have become a grandfather. How to feel yourself in this role?

– Great! I have a grandson – the blonde with blue eyes, and I like it a lot. We, the Jews, the nation of old, and mixed marriages are for the benefit of our children and our grandchildren.

– How would you answer the question: “The real star – is that …?”

– This term we have a very devalued. Called stars who no hitting. The real star – this is the man, whose name in 50 or 100 years will look on the internet. And many of our superstars does not prevent to look in the mirror and say, “Guys, let’s be modest!”

– In 2015, your art group celebrates its 25th anniversary. How will you celebrate the anniversary?

– Get drunk! (Laughs.) But seriously, we want our team filmed a musical film. Plans and pans we hulk! One of them – the great holiday songs in Russian cities. This new format of concert events, which together with the “Chorus Turkish” tens of thousands of people sing your favorite songs. They will become full participants in the grand cultural event!