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Michael Turetsky became the artistic director of Choral Championship Russia 2015

The modern child from birth has everything to him
not something to dream. Therefore, it would be good to explain the daze that dream may be something intangible. Extract from his violin special, lively and warm sound – that’s the dream. That is the most important task.
Michael Turetsky
Artistic Director of Choral Russian Championship

Choir Championships Russia – an open, large-scale competition among Russian amateur choirs of all ages, conducted annually. FIFA aims to determine the winners in various categories. Championship consists of Cups federal district, held in each of the nine federal districts of Russia, and the final stage of the Championship, held in Moscow.

In the first half in the qualifying stage of the Championship held Cups Federal District of Russia on the choral art. In the Cup Federal District may participate in any amateur choir Russia. In the final stage of the championship takes part limited number of choirs who have successfully passed the Cup Federal District.

Objectives of the project:

  • Identification of the best choirs in Russia.
  • Popularization of choral art in Russia.
  • Activation of the creative activity of the Russian population.
  • Exchange creative achievements and the ability to establish close contacts between the creative teams from different regions of Russia.
  • Professional development of art directors choirs.

Calendar of the Russian championship in choral art in 2015, please visit: http://хоровойчемпионат.рф/