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Michael Turetsky: “Artist stronger policy”

The leader of the chorus believes in the power of art, and not weapons

Despite the crisis, the permanent co-driver “Turetsky Choir” confidently leads his men’s team of “collectible votes” and the new women’s project «SOPRANO Turetsky” (prudently designed, therefore, to balance the “father’s” brand, which caused a lively response and the public, and observers, and even colleagues nervously tallied “doubling funds”) forward. Their concerts – not only a storehouse of elegant music, but often unobtrusive “educational program” for a mass audience when, anticipating a particular crossover remake, Michael often accompanies number of useful mini-lecture on the “history of the question,” what a viewer who feels at once himself to his at the festival of “high art”, I must say, terribly pleased and grateful to the maestro.

Mr. Turetsky tours, as they say in show business – not “taking” and is always ready to mobilize creative. With his show “Male view of love”, first shown in March last year and repeated “at the request of the audience” in the days of Christmas trees, “Turetsky Choir” took a well-deserved place among the nominees for the upcoming awards ZD Awards-2014 list of the best “Concert of the Year” . After the big New Year’s performance, in which the team made some changes, “W.” learned from Michael Turetsky why he does not want to “Turetsky Choir” compared with Il Divo, as the team won the hearts of Bulgarians, but missed the London Royal Albert Hall (Unlike politically scandalous Valerie – a nightmarish horror!), and the professional vocalist differs from pozershi.

– Michael, what means you “refresh” the classics and turns it into pop music?

– It helps the experience. We are all very long studied the cornerstone. But in addition to classical music, in the 1980s, as a student, we provide access to a parallel music styles – rock, jazz, musicals, Odessa Schlager and other alternative genres. Also greatly helped by the fact that we have a lot of time spent in the West, including the United States. In the 1990s, visited the Broadway at many shows in Las Vegas. For example, I was lucky enough to get to the premiere of the musical “Phantom of the Opera” in 1990 in New York. Two years of work on the contract gave us a head start ahead of the curve: what is happening today in the TV, we did ourselves, without sponsors, back in the 1990s. In the style of a crossover – processing hits – so popular today, we have been working for 20 years. We were the first in the genre today and demonstrate its approach, the vision of the music world and the attitude to music of different directions. We take the work of rock music, folk things composition of French chanson, Italian opera, operetta, rock opera and using our set of voices, working on all this stuff. Base – this training. Without it, even people with very good vocals may well sing rock ballad, but lost, performing, for example, classical aria. Voice – a tool that takes a long time to learn and hard to use.

– And why are you here, no one thought of this genre – a crossover? After all, such a field untilled, such cash format!

– I have no answer to this question. We just got lucky. We are in a period of perestroika, when many things are changing; we got the best in the world Soviet musical education, I do not dissemble – it really was the best, because although teachers and did not pay a lot of money, they truly worked for the idea, believe in a bright future and spread to the fullest. By then, we were not sharpened on commerce. Today, people do not go into the music just because she did not earn, and then came at the behest of the heart. We were also there at the behest of the heart since childhood, then we have supported and filled with the contents of our teachers. It so happened that we all his life and doing it, other thoughts did not occur. We would even be a shame not to be first. In addition, for many years we cling to each other: our team is already like one big family.

– A conflict in the “family” there?

– I would call them working moments. For example, sometimes I ask of artists more burning, more expressive than they give out at a particular moment. In this sense, I always miss most: the emotions of rehearsal time – perfectionism hurts. And I very clearly feel when we play two shows in a row (as it was, say, before the New Year), the second concert takes place better because the new program should always be run in. With rehearsals festive performances were problems: on the court, where we worked, we have passed the Christmas tree, and we did not have as much time as I would like to spend on a detailed training. In such situations have to travel only on the professionalism of the team. This kind of difficulties are inevitable, and global internal conflicts we have. If they occurred, the choir would have already collapsed, as it is very often the case with many teams, especially those that involve a large number of people.

– Would you like to be on the western groups working in the genre crossover? Dreaming of laurels Il Divo, for example?

– Il Divo have a different story. Firstly, in a team of only four. Secondly, they do not “live” together. I do not mean sosedstvovanie one communal kitchen and daily collaboration and rehearsal. All of them are from different countries and are found only on the road or working on a specific project. We rehearse every day and live in perfect harmony. It is no coincidence coined the word “ensemble”. The ensemble should spevatsya, sygryvatsya.

– On New Year’s Eve concert you first brought to the stage her little daughter Emmanuel. Were not afraid?

– She tried very hard. Again: time to rehearse almost was not, but she had to sing the room – the song “I want to dance” from the musical “My Fair Lady”. And I am convinced that Emmanuel – is a small professional. She spoke with the director, he quickly told her where and when you need to go any words. Psychologically, it was a difficult task: the first time on a huge site, live sound, because “Turetsky Choir” always comes alive, and I can not even speak to your child the sound recording. And for me it was a very big responsibility – let Emmanuel perform at a concert of my team before the public who came to listen to “Turetsky Choir”. I have no right to impose on people simply some creative family, if it is not professional. But I was not ashamed of it, I’m sure that now I can invite her into his show. Everything went perfectly.

– How did the idea to create a female vocal project «SOPRANO Turetsky?” The audience, I must say, terribly happy, but colleagues have lost peace of mind at the sight of such a “clever trick” … Or just tired of the all-male company?

– That’s right. I’m sick of the sound of men’s voices only, I wanted into the hearts of female vocals. This is a separate huge creative formation. Many people are afraid for him to take. For example, Igor Sharp asked me: “They are easy to work with?” There is an idea that is difficult to work with a large number of women in the same team. But I chose these singers who, like us, are motivated by a child, ready to work hard. They did not come to show off. Through casting, I’m looking at the candidates, evaluating them very strictly, and the main thing for me was to understand: singing for them – it’s a lifestyle or simply the desire to be seen and successfully settle down? I chose only to professionals who can not live without music, so I do with them easily. They understand that I’m not “Moneymaker” (the person making the money), and a hostage and a servant of the creative process. We have a great relationship, no quarrels, no scandals. The only possible difficulty – no guarantee how long each of them hold in the project, because it is still the main purpose of women – to be a mother and homemaker. Therefore, if the family life at some point someone will not allow any of them to continue to participate in the «SOPRANO», I took it with understanding.

– On New Year’s Eve concert you sang Ukrainian song “Ruta” and talked a lot about friendship between Slavic peoples. How, in your opinion, should behave artist in the tense political situation that has developed between Russia and Ukraine?

– The artist must do everything possible, everything that depends on it to restore the centuries-old friendship. Unfortunately, the political game is always carried out by third parties, which is very easy to push people’s foreheads. Alas, poor people often believe more than good. Many on hand to Russia and Ukraine at odds. Break – not to build, and to embroil the nations very easily, much more difficult to restore friendship and human relations. In this sense, the actor should use their creative, emotional power. Sometimes an hour he can do more than a politician, and he believed more if he is sincere and wants to convey some important message to your audience. An example of this – our recent concert in Sofia. After the choir came to me one woman and said: “No one concert for the last 20 years so no unwrapped Bulgaria towards your country like this.”

– Even Philipp Kirkorov?!

– Ha ha! Philip out of competition – it is the most valuable general, there is Russia and Bulgaria! .. In fact, if the artist is honest, is not engaged in market conditions, not to fixate solely on making money, he can do a lot for the audience. I’m sure of it.

– Recently Guide London Royal Albert Hall to inform you that it can not resolve your host a concert this summer, with no explanation. How would you have reacted to it?

– I take it philosophically. This is probably a consequence of the imposition of sanctions against Russia. I believe that everything will work out. We’ll find other organizers. I want to carry only peace, love, tolerance, the idea of fraternal friendship through our music. All this is possible. And it’s great to feel that you can do something good for a lot of people.

Source: “MK”