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Michael Turetsky and «SOPRANO Turetsky» in the First Moscow Hospice

October 1st art group «SOPRANO Turetsky» gave a charity concert in the First Moscow Hospice. The action was initiated by the Foundation Hospice FAITH. Together with the artists to support the patients, relatives and staff came the founder and producer of «SOPRANO» People’s Artist of Russia Michael Turetsky: «The strength of the art in that it not only pleases the audience, but also heals the soul, helping to find the strength to overcome fear, accept what we can not change. I, as a producer and director of two large groups, always try to fill every performance the most sense, to appreciate the time, which gives the viewer, coming to us. Act here in the First Moscow Hospice, where every day life of its weight in gold, a special, very important mission, for «SOPRANO», and for me personally. As correctly noted our President Vladimir Putin, the Russian society today is experiencing shortage of spiritual braces. But if each of us takes a step to the meeting of kindness, mercy, compassion, the world can become better. We as artists are required to give their art in the name of a great goal in life to everyone who needs support today has more light and love».

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