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Michael Turetsky almost overslept concert

Each of us has their relationship with sleep. Someone it in excess, someone normal, but most – in short supply.

Well, the World Sleep Day – an excellent opportunity to begin to sleep treated more respectfully. Otherwise, you can sleep on the job, and even a concert. And your own. This almost happened to Michael Turetsky himself. That’s what we told the maestro himself, National Artist of Russia, the founder and producer of the art group “Turetsky Choir” and “SOPRANO Turetsky”:

– I’ve got a story about a dream! (Smiles). It occurred during a tour of “Turetsky Choir” in Siberia. We had daily flights that are very tired. Really did not have time to rest – to the airport for a couple of hours out of town in a hotel room, then to the soundcheck, but already there and the concert, and the next move. And in the latter city, my body simply demanded that at least some sleep. I decided to stay in a hotel to relax in the room … and soundly asleep! (Smiles). Most interesting is that something I have dreamed our concert, and in the dream I was sure that it happens in reality. Such joy in my soul – the public good takes, sold out in the hall, a great success! And then I start to hear some banging, every second it grew stronger and stronger, I think in a dream: “So what is going on ?!”. I start to worry that this crazy sound interferes with the soloists sing. And at that moment I open my eyes to the fact that my door was breaking administrator “Turetsky Choir”, the mobile 20 missed, and before the concert, 5 minutes … Well, my driver dashing young man – late for a short time, the audience did not even notice! (Laughs)

Source: Big Moscow