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Love mom saved from death of Mikhail Turetsky

Metro continues a series of publications dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory. Michael Turetsky told military history of the love of their parents.

Parents of the founder of the art group “Turetsky Choir” and “SOPRANO Turetsky” Michael Turetsky – Boris Epstein and Bella Turetsky – met in 1940.

– Father was then 27 years old, he had already lived in Moscow, but somehow went home to his family in Minsk Region. And there he met my mom. She was at that time was 17 years old. He happened to see it as it was then said: “This poor man’s hut, but very clean, and there is a beautiful girl with beautiful knees sitting and playing the guitar.” And he immediately said the girl for me. Relatives of the Pope, who knew the parents mom came up and said: “What’s his nose, you can see for yourself, but that does not deceive, we guarantee.” Betrothed her mother immediately.


After this meeting, Boris went back to Moscow, but the relatives after some time reminded him of a promise to marry.

– Pope for his words posted, and in October 1940 he took the bride to Moscow in its 7-meter room at the metro station “Belarus”, – said the singer. – And after 8 months, in July 1941, the whole family was destroyed by the Nazis mother. Jewish genocide. They were buried alive. At gunpoint, they have dug their own graves. Mom was among those who miraculously survived. That’s the way love and move saved her from death.


The news of the war the couple, who are already formalize relations even before it started, met in Moscow. Turetsky father went to the front.

– Dad said that they were put in cars without weapons, in civilian clothes, and were driving towards the train with the refugees. In the beginning there was chaos.

Mom leader “Turetsky Choir” left in Nizhny Novgorod, while the city of Gorky, where he began work in front evacuation hospital nurse.

– Throughout the war the parents wrote to each other news. But my mother told me that often desperate thought that his father did not return from the front. It is only in the song “The Dark Night” romantic and pragmatic mind tells you that you need to prepare for the worst, because of this mess is difficult to return, – says Michael.

But Bella Semionovna waiting to be true to her husband.

– He came back to the 45th in the early summer, when reached from Berlin to Moscow. A year later, my older brother was born, and 15 years later and I appeared.

Bella Semionovna begged her husband to leave his son’s name.

– The kind of mother destroyed, just all: mother, father, uncle, aunt, sister, brother, grandfather, grandmother … – name disappeared, and my mother wanted me to continue the race. More offered to call me Yura, since I was born on April 12, a year after Gagarin’s flight. But the pope resisted, he grassiroval. “Yugga too difficult pggoiznosit, – he said. – Let it be Turetsky, but Misha. ”


– Father’s Day Victory was always going with friends, and make sure they raised a toast “for the victory of the great Soviet people.” We are always with him went to the CDSA, then went to the Park of Culture. Gorky, on Poklonnaya Hill – says Turetsky. – A father always more attracted to Leningrad.

Boris and his son loved to go on tour in St. Petersburg, and it was very important to get to him alone.

– Even at 90 years old he loved the subway to get to the Leningrad station, then take the ticket to St. Petersburg, he was very proud that he, as a soldier, give a free ticket. He sat down on the train and went. It was important to feel independent.

In concert, the son of Boris often went on stage and recited poetry.

– When he came out, the entire audience stood up, as if the conductor conducted. Because it was an incredible force.

May 9 “Turetsky Choir” will present on Poklonnaya Hill (from 20:00 to 22:00) special project “Victory Songs”.

– In honor of my parents I sang the song “Tenderness” – promised the head of the choir.


Michael Turetsky parents lived together for 66 years.

– It is a feat. Mom was a smart Jewish woman. For example, my father was very fond of dancing, but my mother did not take them, prefer younger women. (Laughs.) But my mother said: “I do not need here kryahtyaschy old man on the couch, let him go to the dance, there he returned inspired, excited and alive.” Mom went to 84 years old, her father survived for 3 years. In recent years I have often visited the pope and hour conversation with him – as space flight. It was such an enlightened! All the questions he had answers. The main thing that he said to me: if you want you to have a good relationship with the people immediately get up on their side. Or three rubles earned two give – long you will live.

Foot from Berlin to Moscow. The main award, to be alive

Michael Turetsky later child in the family. When he was born, his father was 50 and my mother – 40.
– I’m not thank his grandfather for the victory, and thank you dad, – said the head of “Turetsky Choir” – My father is originally from Belarus, but since ’31, he studied at the Moscow Pedagogical College, worked on a “Eksportles”, studied at the Academy of National Economy and from the second year of the Academy went to the front. He was drafted in the first days of the war. Was on transit point “Fontanka-90” in Leningrad. Almost the entire siege, he spent in Leningrad, was a member of breaking the siege. Eventually, in May ’45 he was in Berlin. Victory Day met near the Reichstag, and then from Berlin to Moscow on foot back.

According to Michael Turetsky father loved to talk about the war:

– He told me and about the fact that eating flour in the trenches when he was a wild hunger, and how people were dying in front of him. He loved the poem: “… From lighting a wind screener skillfully, I just took a step back, but the bullet that I flew, fell into my friend” (by Konstantin Vanshenkin. – Comm. Ed.). Its main reward he believed that he survived. Out of every one hundred people who have left the first day of the war, only three returned. And he thought he was elected, so up to 97 years took everything out of life: and went to the dance, and skating and skate skiing in 90 years.

Another fate was in his father’s brother Turetsky.

– Uncle, he was younger pope called in ’44, he was a military pilot. He also returned safe and sound, but died of an accidental bullet drunken policeman in a peaceful 1955. He walked in Izmailovo Park, a drunken policeman wanted to go to a man who plucked flowers and got into my uncle.