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Krasnoyarsk citizens and the governor sang together with “Turetsky Choir”

New format of performances for Turetsky Choir collective: the audience for one evening becomes participants of group. Especially as all songs well familiar and loved by many generations.

Turetsky Choir — special collective. Among participants — the high pitched man’s voice, most rare in the world, the tenor-altino who can even replace the female. And here — one of the lowest voices in Europe, is one octave lower than a usual bass. Such range allows Turkish to create from habitual songs surprising compositions with often unexpected sounding. After its arrangements new breath is found by classics of fate, military songs, melodies from movies, pop music and even a chanson.

Performance “Turetsky Choir” became a gift to all Krasnoyarsk citizens by Day of Russia. And citizens estimated such gift.

KONSTANTIN KALENKO, VISITOR of the CONCERT: “It was thought up fine that such. Words aren’t enough! The chorus arrived to us. It seldom happens”.

TATYANA KAYDASH, VISITOR of the CONCERT: “Drive full! Polny Drive! I never in life saw such concert yet. Leontyev has a rest, I saw him alive. Leontyev has a rest”.

Concert was attended also by the governor of the region Victor Tolokonsky, and the first deputy governor Sergey Ponomarenko. The top officials of the region together with all citizens sang along with the well-known collective. And Mikhail Turetsky even invited Victor Tolokonsky to a scene together to execute a hit of the Soviet platform and the main song of all astronauts — “Hope”. And here Turetsky remained is faithful to himself and tried to be original, having replaced the first word in a refrain.

The national karaoke led by “Turetsky’s Chorus” of all loaded with special energy. Practically all audience hopped under cheerful compositions, and under lyrical hundreds of hands with small lamps of mobile phones soared up into air. Mikhail Turetsky after a concert admitted: such unification with the people arises not always but when it works well — feelings tremendous.

MIKHAIL TURETSKY, HEAD of TURETSKY CHOIR COLLECTIVE: “Well, simply reads off scale. The city at you loaded. And people are ready — they missed the real live music, the true emotions. And you saw — all square sang, as one person, as one organism. It is very exceptional case”.

Some minutes for a photo with admirers for memory — and are already time to leave. Again to return and present to Krasnoyarsk citizens there are more than wonderful songs.