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«In the «Turetsky Choir» – all the soloists.» The leader of the art group the secrets of popularity

For art group Michael Turetsky long-established definition of “ten votes, which conquered the world.” This is no exaggeration: the audience in different countries experiencing delight in the bright and unforgettable show.

Ensemble unity, virtuosity intonation, timbre variety, true sense of style, internal culture and, of course, a sense of humor – these are the components of success and popularity of the choir Michael Turetsky. But perhaps the only Russian team in a large number of fans.

Once again, having been in the Lower on citywide festival, People’s Artist of Russia, maestro Michael in an interview with Turetsky “AIF-NN” spoke about the collective vocal skills, the desire to express themselves and about the ability to maintain their own intonation.

Balance and harmony

Dmitry Romanov, AIF-NN: Michael  Borisovich soon “Turetsky Choir” will celebrate the anniversary – 25 years of existence. What’s next?

Michael Turetsky: Next – only forward. That’s my motto. Plans and work – concepts incompatible, so time will tell. The main thing – there is a goal to which to aspire, have ideas and ways of their implementation.

– In Nizhny Novgorod art group is loved and surprise loyal fans uneasy.

– We perform favorite songs of several generations – tunes that unite us all, performs classic rock songs and high classics: Harlequin and Columbine, Viking Guest, Clown …

– For a quarter century, there was a serious evolution in the repertoire: to replace religious grounds came classics, works by Soviet and foreign composers, and even urban folklore. How do you achieve balance and harmony in this unusual combination?

– I would not say that it is to replace one another. Correct to speak of expanding the repertoire. Half of the first branch in the concert is still a classic. This is the foundation. And she, as a special ingredient as gourmet sauce, shades and complements all the components of our program. We have virtually no songs that have performed in their original style.

– Your team unique composition from tenor to bass-profundo Altino – this is not in any other ensemble, and all artists have a thorough vocal training. They do not regret that donated an opera singer and sing in the choir?

– Soviet academic music education, which we were lucky to get, this is a serious basis for professional work. As for his solo career, every member of our team – a soloist. We choir soloists. Each soloist – star. Each is unique and definitely could be successful on its own. But “Turetsky Choir” talent, the uniqueness of each raised to the tenth power! We charge each other ideas and taste of creativity, complement each other and together give out such a powerful energy, a fireworks display of positive emotions, a drive, and for which comes to our concerts viewer … So there is no sacrifice.

No one is indifferent

– For you, there is the concept of “hard room”?

– Probably not. We were in different cities and on a variety of platforms, from the “Carnegie Hall” in America and the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory with excellent acoustics to the circus in Karaganda, it is not adapted for concert performances. And always received an enthusiastic reception. The secret is that we only sing live voice and bear in his speech so much positive, sincerity and passion that leaves no one indifferent.

– Ryder your team – an exception to the generally accepted rules of Russian pop music: it does not have fantastic claims – five-star hotels, limousines, escort vehicles with flashing lights; you do not insist on the elite drinks and snacks tricky, after the concert satisfied with tea and cakes …

– The artist does not begin with a limousine and a five star hotel, but with the recognition of the public. In our rider – just what do you need to organize a concert and normal rest after it. However, because of our live performance and sound technical rider perform many sites is difficult.

– You have a wonderful sense of humor on stage you improvise witty, and entertainer becomes an integral and organic part of the show. Humor – a quality acquired or inherent in the nature of you?

– Humor – it is necessary not only in the quality of work, but also in life. In my opinion, a sense of humor – what you need to cultivate always. Because it is impossible for anything serious about – there is a risk to become a monument to himself.