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In the “Press” section on our website read the interview Michael Turetsky Ukrainian magazine “Only”!

Famous Russian choirmaster not “sticks” in the past and live for today. Maestro is trying to enjoy everyday detail and quickly experience difficulties.


About the family
I have four daughters. I know very well the psychology of women, so the problem of finding a common language never stood. The eldest daughter, Natalie, was born when I was 22 years old. We have friendly relations. For younger daughters Beata, Emmanuel and I Sarina dad celebration, because because of tours rarely home. I can not fuss and curse. By the way, my wife and I never force children to do something “under duress.” Child, it is important not to force and interest.

About curiosities
13 years ago we were flying with the choir concert in Toronto. At the airport, we were detained at the Miami examination, because of the huge amount of equipment. We realized that we could save only talent, and began to sing the American national anthem. Imagine this picture at 6 o’clock in the morning? Listen to a choir gathered the airport, including the staff. We waited for the applause! As a result, we were allowed to go on the plane without any verification.

About gifts
On one of our family reunions artists choir gave me a flute and piccolo fingering engraved throughout their nicknames. It was a symbolic gift, because in the music school, I learned to play the flute, received higher education, as a conductor, and now my tool – that chorus.

The plans
The next year, “Heru Turkish” turns 25 years old. From September 2015 to September 2016 we plan to hold a large-scale cultural and educational action, within which planned a grand tour in Russia and countries of the former USSR.