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In Krasnoyarsk Turetsky Choir showed “Men look for love”

October 19 world-renowned team visited Krasnoyarsk with the new program.

How to tell the artists of the choir at a concert in Krasnoyarsk they map and sang a love for a woman, and, for example, a sense of country. In a word, love in all its manifestations.

“A man who personifies the stronger sex, should be responsible for the family, for their country and for life. And absolutely all of these projections, he should love. Through the prism of the world musical culture we had the concept of “love.” In our new program collected almost all the causes and factors that need to love “– says the People’s Artist of Russia Mikhail Turetsky.

Musicians admitted that, making the concert program for Krasnoyarsk, more emphasis on the classics they were doing.

“Here, people are already accustomed to good music. In one or pop chanson singing not leave. Krasnoyarsk viewer wants classic and opera”, – said Mikhail Turetsky.

Note that the musical group “Turetsky Choir” by Mikhail Turetsky performs his compositions in more than 15 languages ​​and entirely live. On the show concert in Krasnoyarsk by team sounded the best works of the world’s musical heritage from the great operatic masterpieces of the XVIII century to contemporary pop hits.