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«I and my grandfather, my father and the young»: Michael Turetsky grandson of education

Single boy in a family of 53-year-old founder of the «Turetsky Choir» brings up the example of his father.

– I have a lunch break, that jumped out of the office with Vanya walk. In Gorky Park spent time as a child with my dad. He was 50 years old when I was born, he spoke not as often as we would like. He was busy at work, and the rare moments when they could be together, somehow always held in the park in winter skating, summer swimming on the pond. Only then there were not catamarans and boats with oars. It so happened that with his grandson about the same age difference that we have with the father. We try to carry on with Vanya active lifestyle. An hour and a half together – and, you know, performance is increased, the thought line up, go back to the office and proceed to work.

Experience in the education of boys I have not. He was always surrounded by female kingdom: I have four daughters (Natalia – 31 Sarine – 18, Emmanuel – 9, Beate – 6 years). The third daughter, Emma even brought a little manly because its location was looking forward to the boy. But in the fourth experiment, I resigned.

The first couple of months after the birth of Vanya took him in his arms, saying, «You are my girl!» Then I think: «What I say? You can not do it this way». Choosing Gifts I also was not easy. I have in fact no such experience. But there is a wife who tells these issues. She has many friends who have sons. On their advice and buy bicycles, designers. But the best pastime – communication with relatives. This Vanya and teach. We often runs into the problem of the case. Baby toy stuck supposedly entertain himself, and he needed a human touch. The children need to talk to from the start, even while they are in the womb.

Now his grandson and a half years, and still can not believe what I Grandpa. Although, of course, pleased. Changed status, it means that my days are not in vain. But the daughters are still young, so I’m the father of the young. My wife is now a favorite joke: «It is not my grandmother, and only sleep with Grandpa» (Liana – the second wife of Michael Turetsky. The eldest daughter Natasha, mother Vanya, born in the first marriage. – Note. «Antenna»).

I think my grandfather – as antiques should only pleasing to the eye. Vanya has a mom and dad. For a boy it is important that the father showed personal example: a man – is the power of movement, protection, security. Natasha I also have an independent girl. A lot of time to the child, her husband, and at the same time manages to grow in the profession. She is a lawyer, economist and marketer. Daughter, by the way, Vanya breast feeding up to six years, which delights. Many women are afraid to lose the form, and it is primarily about the child thinks. Well done. I am calm: the grandson is in good hands. Although, of course, Natasha and the nurse have assistants.

Only his mother there. Big omission in her life that she was five years old grew up without a mother’s warmth and example. It left its mark. However, it was my grandmother on my mother’s side. She’s a real character, a strong Russian woman. The whole family has lost (in a car crash killed her husband, daughter and son). My father, Natasha’s grandfather, also a hero, a member of the Leningrad blockade breakthrough. And Natasha genetically inherited by their quality – to defend, to work, to win. My mother-in-law, by the way, in 88 years from the great-grandson of coddling. Zoya says it prolongs her life.

To keep up with everything, I sleep 5-6 hours a day, and at the same time is not enough! We’ve jubilee – the 25th anniversary of «Turetsky Choir». Celebrate a large tour of 70 cities of Russia. In addition, we launched a new project «Song Festival». It is a popular karaoke №1. Imagine Chorus Turkish stands in the town square, we play many generations favorite songs and sing along with us all residents. It is an incredible emotion! Our record – 106 000 spectators who gathered at the Theater Square in Rostov-on-Don. And we sang together a half hour! And the tour …

Because of the busy schedule at home is rare. So sometimes I take on tour with daughters. Emma has become a go with the «Choir» on the big playground. Usually I declare: «Attention, a new hero». People do not realize at first that they will bring it. It turns out the girl, the audience did not want her to pay something for the men. And suddenly begins to sing, and after 40 seconds, winning the hearts. At the end I say only name: Emmanuel Turkish. I do so deliberately let herself breaks a window to Europe.

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